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Xbox is testing a ‘pause my game’ button to speed up downloads



Insider Program Xbox software beta testers may see a new button appear in their user interface when downloading games, apps, and updates. For years, gamers have complained about slow downloads while games are paused, and the only way to get them to near the maximum speed possible was to manually shut down all paused titles.

Then the Xbox Series X was introduced Quick resume, which made it easier and faster to return to games, but still had the same effect of sometimes slowing down downloads. Xbox Execs Explain that the system manages resources to make sure multiplayer games have the bandwidth they need to run, but the approach was still too aggressive in most cases.

With many games now reaching over 100GB and updates that can be almost as big on their own, this is a real problem, but the Xbox team is on the verge of fixing it. As described in this tweet, the “Pause My Game” button keeps your game ready to resume / resume fast while unlocking enough power from your Xbox to handle downloads at full speed.

Right now, the feature is still being tested with Insiders, but will likely be rolled out widely eventually. One thing that is open to everyone is the ability to access your achievements through the Xbox app. It was mentioned in March update notes, and is active from today.




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