Thursday, September 28, 2023

Xbox test brings Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser to consoles

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You might finally have a good reason to use your console’s web browser for more than the bare essentials. The edge reports that Microsoft has started testing a version of its Chrome-based edge browser on the Xbox one and X / S Series. Take part in the Alpha Skip-Ahead Test Ring and you’ll get a more modern web experience, including better compatibility and better sync with Edge across multiple platforms.

This version is unsurprisingly buggy and does not include mouse or keyboard support. And although this theoretically allows access to Google Stadia, we would not rely on reliable access to this or other web-intensive applications at this time.

It may take a while before there is a more polished version of the new Edge for Xbox. When it’s ready, however, the new browser might be a better argument for buying an Xbox if web browsing is important to you. At this moment, the Playstation 5 doesn’t even have an easily accessible web browser (you have to rely on tips to use it). While that may change, a Chromium-based Xbox browser could give Microsoft a comfortable head start.


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