Monday, December 11, 2023

XPrize launches $ 15 million competition to develop alternative meats

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Some of the inspiration for the contest came from recently released XPrize Roadmap for impact on the future of food. In the report, the organization highlights 12 ‘disruptive opportunities’ that could one day lead to a more equitable and sustainable global food supply chain. One of the opportunities highlighted by the organization is alternative sources of protein. “… the need for large-scale alternative proteins has been identified as a critical impact area that requires significant technological advancements, lower prices, and noticeable changes in consumer preferences – while maintaining positive benefits for health and the environment compared to conventional protein-based animals, ”said XPrize.

XPrize also spends a lot of time talking about food safety. This is something that is often not addressed when it comes to fake meat. And yet, it is still a pressing problem. In one report last year, the UN predicted that climate change could reduce the number of fish that humans could sustainably capture by up to 25 percent by the end of the century. Seafood currently accounts for around 17 percent of the world’s animal protein diet. That’s a lot of communities that could see their main source of protein disrupted by climate change.

Those who wish to participate in Feed the Next Billion content have until April 28, 2021 to register. The organization will award a total of $ 15 million to the grand prize winners.


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