Monday, June 5, 2023

YouTube is testing its own version of Twitch clips

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You don’t create a new video when you create a clip. Instead, you’ll have a looping segment of the original content that you can share. YouTube notes that clipping is a highly requested feature and that it will update the tool based on comments.

Live stream clips will appear after the stream ends and become normal video. Functionality will not be available on videos designed for kids, premieres that are live and live broadcasts over eight hours in length or without a DVR. Clips disappear if the original video is deleted or made private, but they will still be available if a creator sets a video as unlisted. Meanwhile, clips that are longer than 30 seconds may include commercials.

Twitch got a clips function for years. Sharing a clip of a streamer doing something cool in a game is a great way to highlight what that creator is – it’s a much more elegant option than just linking to a timestamp. As such, the trimming feature could prove to be a valuable tool for YouTube Gaming in its battle against Twitch.


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