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YouTube will encourage “respectful” comments




The update is part of a larger YouTube effort to reduce hate speech and make its platform fairer to all of its creators. In addition to the new pop-ups, it will also test a new feature for YouTube Studio that automatically filters out “potentially inappropriate and hurtful comments” to allow video creators to avoid seeing them.

The company will also undertake a new effort starting next year to assess biases in its monetization features. YouTube claims that while some creators have “heard concerns”, it currently doesn’t have a good way to examine these claims because the company doesn’t have data on how its video creators identify themselves. .

To address this issue, YouTube will require channel owners to voluntarily disclose information about their gender, sexual orientation, race, and ethnicity so that it can determine if there is any bias against specific groups in its systems. “Next, we’ll take a close look at how content from different communities is processed in our search, discovery and monetization systems,” YouTube wrote in a blog post. “We will also look for possible patterns of hatred, harassment and discrimination that may affect some communities more than others.” YouTube says it will release its findings and “is committed to working to resolve” the issues it uncovers, but has not provided details on how long or when the investigation will take place. ‘would expand beyond the United States.




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