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12 best weapons to use in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla wiki guide

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Here are the 12 best weapons you should consider using in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Before you read on, please note that the following weapons are a matter of personal opinion and are listed in no particular order, as each weapon brings its own unique qualities that are entirely dependent on your own playstyle.

Varin’s ax

Sometimes nothing beats just the original. Although this is your starting weapon, you would be surprised at how powerful Eivor’s Father’s Ax can be when upgraded.

As you can see above, once upgraded to Mythic status, the Varin’s ax can withstand many weapons mid to late game.

A major factor that may play a role in your decision to stick with Varin’s ax is the fact that changing and upgrading weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla isn’t really easy, as you’ll quickly learn that materials for upgrading weapons aren’t super abundant, so unless you do a ton of wealth places where you might struggle to upgrade a variety of weapons.


That being said, if you’re happy to stick with just one primary weapon for the first half of the game, definitely consider upgrading the Varin’s ax.

Depending on your playing style, we have combined the Varin’s ax with the Sarcophagus shield, because it allows you to block all the attacks that you fail to parry, while remaining fast Varin’s ax increases your speed after each hit up to 10 times.

Looking for something that provides quick and quick attacks? Well look no further than the Yngling Seax, because this dagger is a must have for anyone with a more aggressive playing style.

With the ability to launch quick and swift attacks, this close-range dagger is perfect for taking on multiple enemies at once.

Despite already impressive mobility, when paired with the Brush With Death (Raven) skill, it will be nearly impossible for you to strike once you have perfected your dodges, as your heightened senses will make others around you move more slowly. for a short time.

While this perk is active, just sit back and watch as you absolutely wipe out most enemies encountered, as you will receive an additional bonus of increased melee damage from the Yngling SeaxPerk that sees all damage after dodge increased for 2.5 sec.

When it comes to pairing the Yngling Seax, we found that either Suttungr’s Claw or Copy Dagger worked a treat, as both weapons are nearly equal in speed and offer the following benefits:

  • Suttungr’s Claw: Increases critical damage after each hit.
  • Copy: Restore a low amount of health for each critical hit.

If you’re worried about taking damage due to the dagger’s short range, definitely go for the Copy. Otherwise, when combined with the Suttungr’s Claw, you will be able to produce even more damage.

If you’re looking for a one-shield beast that can withstand some of the game’s toughest enemies, look no further than the Sarcophagus shield.

Located in the Dhustone Quarry in the Sciropescira region, the Sarcophagus shield is one of our favorite shields to use. With impressive stats on both attack, block, and stun, it will be difficult for enemies to get through the shield or even knock you out when you use it to block.

In addition, by parrying you will have a 33% chance to create a small fire around you. This acts as a great passive form of damage.

While the Plank shield and shield seems to look a lot like any other heavy shield, this is Fort Stun abilities and a unique advantage that we are mainly looking for.

Despite sharing similar statistics with the Sarcophagus shield, the Plank shield and shield‘s Perk offers the ability to increase heavy damage while parrying. This can be a very powerful combination when pairing the shield with a weapon that deals constant heavy damage such as the Blacksmith hammer – which we will explain in more detail in the section below.

When it comes to reliable big hitters, the Blacksmith hammer won’t let you down, as its impressive stun and attack stats can deal significant damage.

As we mentioned in the section above, the Blacksmith hammer goes very well with the Plank and Buckler Heavy Shield.

When you combine the shield advantage of increasing large damage while parrying and the blacksmith’s hammer ability to have strong critical hits hit enemies on the ground, it’s hard not to imagine the powerful combinations on offer. Such a combination could play like parrying an attack and chasing it with an even heavier attack that will send your enemies flying backwards.

Complete this build with the Stomp skill and you will have the opportunity to hit certain faces in almost any combat situation.

When it comes to large, heavy two-handed axes, there is no Sepulcher Ax.

Despite a lack of speed, this heavy ax can pack a lot of oomph, especially when you factor in the stats of the Stun and Critical Chance weapons.

While you should keep this weapon upgraded as you progress through the game to keep it relevant with other weapons, it is still highly recommended that you perform the Sepulcher Ax until the middle of the game – at the very least.

With only a 10 second cooldown on the ability that ignites the weapon on fire after critical hits, it’s definitely worth giving the Sepulcher Ax a chance if you haven’t already.

Blodwulf Shield

When it comes to shields, it’s hard to argue against the Blodwulf, as the light shield simply has too many positives to pass up.

So what is it that makes this early game shield so appealing? Besides the fact that it makes you look like a badass, it’s the Blodwulf’s unique ability to ignite your weapon during parry that makes it a real treat to use. Now, despite the word “luck” appearing in the description, believe us when we say your gun will ignite much more frequently than you think.

When paired with decent overall stats and a primary weapon such as Varin’s Ax or the Blacksmith hammer, it is difficult to look beyond such a combination.

If you’re still not fully sold, it might be worth mentioning that the Blodwulf Shield is one of those early-game weapons that can be completely upgraded without worrying about finding something better on the trail.

As the name suggests, the Spinning Death The Scourge is arguably one of the most satisfying weapons we’ve had the chance to use so far in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Despite its visual appeal, the Spinning Death Flail can really punch a punch, especially if a firebomb drops while performing a successful heavy finishing blow.

To advance our claim to the greatness of the weapon, the Spinning Death Flail also has a surprisingly low weight, so you can dodge and dodge any incoming attacks quite easily. You’ll even notice that enemies will most often have a hard time dodging your attacks because the area of ​​effect on the scourge is considerably large.

Then we have the Fafnir’s Fang, a trusty early game spear that can deal damage when fully upgraded. Although admittedly against the spear to begin with, the Fafnir’s Fang really started to grow on us when it was combined with a pretty nutty combination that will probably surprise many players.

As crazy as it sounds, running dual-purpose Spears is actually one thing – a really good thing at that. When pairing the Fafnir’s Fang with the Lance Fyrd You can increase both your speed while dodging and critical chance when surrounded by up to five enemies.

With impressive speeds and a distance that rarely lets you take damage, the dual lance setup almost feels like operating two large daggers.

Petra Arch

It’s no secret that bows don’t hold up very well to melee weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but luckily you’re not in a position where you’ll have to choose between the two weapon types as your bow always will be. with you.

While there are plenty of bows to choose from, we have found Petra’s Bow to be one of the most useful, due to its unique weapon advantage that increases critical damage at full health, this which makes it our ideal weapon for all stealth situations.

When combined with the Wolf skill which allows you to manually control your arrows, it is difficult to pass Petra’s bow, especially when faced with a situation you prefer to handle from a distance.

Gungnir – Spear of Odin

As we mentioned earlier in the list, Spears are vastly underrated, but I hope Odin’s Spear can change the minds of those who haven’t given spears a real chance yet.

What makes Odin’s spear, Gungnir, so powerful is the range advantage, as the weapon’s unique perk extends the range of the spear through a force field. This means Odin’s Spear has the longest range in the game and massive AoE.

When you pair Odin’s spear with a raised hand weapon, you basically have two possible combinations:

  • A defensive build that performs a powerful combination of shields (see above).
  • An offensive build that executes a spear, dagger, or even a swordfish.

Which build you choose to perform with Odin’s Spear is entirely up to you, but I think we can all agree that no matter what you choose, the suit is going to destroy anything that crosses its path.

Unfortunately, just like Excalibur, many players will only unlock these weapons towards their end of the game, which really limits their time with these fun and exceptionally powerful divine weapons.

So if you get the chance, get yourself the Gungnir Spear and Excalibur Sword ASAP.

That’s right, the famous Excalibur sword makes an appearance in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and it’s just as powerful as you can imagine.

With attack, stun, and critical chance stats at insane levels, the Excalibur is something to fear.

Just when you thought the Greatsword couldn’t be stronger, Excalibur’s weapon is arguably the most powerful weapon in the game, as Heavy Finishers & Criticals will blind all enemies around you.

To find Excalibur, you will need to collect a total of 8 tablets that have been scattered around the map, as well as defeat the 3 Zealot members: Woden, Heike and Hrothgar.


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