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18 best cat toys and supplies (2020): scratchers, window perches, and more

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Cats are beautiful, interesting and strange creatures, and if you are lucky enough to be loved by one of them, you know how important it is to provide them with a comfortable and fun home. In June, we wrote on the supplies you should get if you’ve recently adopted a pet, but once you have this animal in the house, you’ll want to branch out and give it new things to really create its space. Cats require a specific type of environment to thrive—Places to play, scratch and relax.

Below you’ll find our favorite products based on months of testing with our own cats. Even if our pets don’t like a particular product, we still looked at the overall construction, design, and value to determine if it might be of use to other kittens. What you get – whether it’s a litter box, a toy, or a bed – will depend entirely on your cat’s personality. Felines can be fickle, which unfortunately means you may have to go through a few options to find the right fit.

We also won’t blame you if you are more of a dog; we have a dog supplies and accessories guide, as well.


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