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19 delicious gifts for audiophiles and music lovers (2020)

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That you try to find a turntable for mom and dad to bring out their vintage vinyl collection, or if you want to deliver great sound to a young music enthusiast or middle-aged audiophile, it can be difficult to find material that sounds good. t costs an arm and a leg. This is where we come in. Each year, we spend hundreds of hours listening to the latest and greatest in the industry, searching for the elusive products that deliver the best sound possible for the money.

Here are our favorite gifts for audio enthusiasts and music lovers, from affordable accessories to insane tube wonders. Looking for other cool audio equipment or gift ideas? Be sure to check out our other buying guides, including our Our favorite inexpensive headphones, Gifts for beer and wine lovers, and Tips for people who work from home.

Update November 2020: We’ve added a lot of new products we love, including new headphones, preamps, and a number of affordable audio accessories.


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