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2021 NHL Power Rankings: Canadians Do ‘All The Right Moves,’ Avalanche ‘The Natural’ During Film Week

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Three weeks are officially on the books for the NHL, and the action is already packed.

The teams are starting to go their separate ways, but the movement up and down the divisions is still fast and furious – and likely will be for the foreseeable future. Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl are ridiculous, not much to say about it.

The Golden Globe nominees came out on Wednesday, so what better way to see this week’s Power Rankings than by paying homage to the TV and film landscape?

Here’s a look at each team, through the eyes of the cinema, for week three.

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2021 NHL Power Rankings: Week 3

1. Montreal Canadiens: 7-1-2 (1st in the North)

Ranking week 2: 1

GM Marc Bergevin made “All the Right Moves” during the offseason from the Joshes (Allen and Anderson) to Tyler Toffoli, who, if you didn’t know, LOVES playing his ex-pals. In five games against the Canucks, he has scored eight goals and 11 points.

2. Toronto Maple Leafs: 7-2-1 (2nd in the North)

Ranking week 2: 3

Joe Thornton to his children: “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your life extraordinary. “

Hockey hair, 2021 edition: Thornton (obviously) among the best beards in the NHL

3. Philadelphia Flyers: 7-2-1 (1st in the East)

Ranking week 2: 8

No reason to stretch here. Pick a Rocky quote – any Rocky quote – and it works.

4. Washington Capitals: 6-1-3 (2nd in the East)

Ranking week 2: 4

Zdeno Chara is literally every parent of every movie who gets invaded by their kids towards the end of the movie, and everyone feels it.

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5. Colorado Avalanche: 7-3-1 (2nd in the West)

Ranking week 2: 6

Imagine: Roy Hobbs is in a hospital bed. He’s getting better. Years later, he signed with the Knights. He hits the lights with a monster home run and the Knights win the NL pennant and everyone is happy.

The Avs are Roy Hobbs – it’s unreal how injuries continue to spell out this list – and in the end, they’re expected to hit the lights at the end of the season.

6. Vegas Golden Knights: 5-1-1 (4th in the West)

Ranking week 2: 2

Marc-André Fleury to Robin Lehner: “You are so much money and you don’t even know it.” Robin Lehner to Marc-André Fleury: “You are so much money and you don’t even know it.”

7. Boston Bruins: 6-1-2 (3rd in the East)

Ranking week 2: 7

David Pastrnak missed the Bruins’ first seven games. He comes back and scores three points in two games. After the game, he slams the puck on the glass and says, “How do you like these apples.” (Not really, but he should have).

8. Carolina Hurricanes: 6-1-0 (1st center)

Ranking week 2: 23

The Hurricanes are Judd Nelson in “The Breakfast Club”: misunderstood rebels who come out of the building with a fist pump.

COVID-19 TRACKER: List of released players | Reprogrammed games

9. St. Louis Blues: 7-2-1 (1st in the West)

Ranking week 2: 12

Saint-Louis is like Kramer: booming, the show’s true star and, when lit, 100% on its spots. “Or Jerry. Gold!

10. Tampa Bay Lightning: 5-1-1 (4th center)

Ranking week 2: 10

The reigning champions are riding a wave in a “summer without end”.

11. Florida Panthers: 5-0-1 (2nd center)

Ranking week 2: 11

Leslie Knope once said, “No one does anything alone.” The Panthers prove it with extensive offensive play.

12. Columbus Blue Jackets: 4-4-3 (5th center)

Ranking week 2: 9

The Blue Jackets are John Wilson: They try to play hockey, but it all turns into a story and, in the end, we all learn a lot.

13. Dallas Stars: 5-1-1 (3rd center)

Ranking week 2: 5

When they’re on, the Stars are like “The Sopranos” – ridiculously good. The only question is: will we be disappointed in the end?

14. Pittsburgh Penguins: 5-4-1 (4th East)

Ranking week 2: 13

“You know. You all know exactly who I am. Say my name.”


15. Winnipeg Jets: 6-3-1 (3rd in the North)

Ranking week 2: 14

The true north. (Obviously we had to go with “Game of Thrones” here.) Hmm, is Pierre-Luc Dubois the Arya Stark that this team needed from the start?

16. Edmonton Oilers: 6-6-0 (4th in the North)

Ranking week 2: 24

“I am a God of gold.” Connor McDavid or Leon Draisaitl – Reader’s Choice.

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17. Vancouver Canucks: 6-7-0 (5th in the North)

Ranking week 2: 25

Do you know the scene in “Pretty Woman” when Julia Roberts walks into the store who wouldn’t let her do her shopping the night before after shopping on Rodeo Drive? “Big mistake. Big. Huge,” she said to the salesperson.

It is everyone to Jim Benning for not re-signing Jacob Markstrom, Chris Tanev and Troy Stecher.

18. Minnesota Wild: 6-5-0 (3rd in the West)

Ranking week 2: 18

The Wilds are like Richard Castle: you never know what you’re going to get, they’re slightly goofy (but they usually get it), and are certainly pretty to watch … in those sweet reverse-side-ups.

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19. New York Rangers: 3-4-2 (8th East)

Ranking week 2: 28

It’s been a roller coaster week for the Rangers. Now the question is: what is this team? If you’ve seen “In and Of Itself”, you’ll know it’s a tricky question on many levels.

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20. Calgary Flames: 4-4-1 (6th in the North)

Ranking week 2: 20

“Beauty and the Beast” sums up the Flames perfectly this year. When they play quality, high-energy hockey it’s a thing of beauty – but it’s so rare these days, and it’s a beast.

21. New Jersey Devils: 4-3-2 (5th in the East)

Ranking week 2: 15

It starts with Jack. It ends with Jack. And a lot of things happen in between. We all knew Jack Hughes was good, and he’s definitely showing it in 2021.

22. Nashville Predators: 4-5-0 (7th center)

Ranking week 2: 19

The Predators are like Ross from “Friends”. Lovable and someone you want to root for, but so imperfect.

23. Buffalo Sabers: 4-4-2 (6th in the East)

Ranking week 2: 21

One of the most famous scenes in “I Love Lucy” is where Lucy and Ethel are in front of a conveyor belt and everything is fine to begin with – then the chocolates they need to wrap come faster and faster and they. can’t keep up. The Sabers are Lucy and Ethel: It all starts out great but then it gets tough to deal with.

24. New York Islanders: 3-4-2 (7th in the East)

Ranking week 2: 17

“You can’t handle the truth,” Lou Lamoriello. You needed to upgrade the offensive punch on this list, and you didn’t.

25. Los Angeles Kings: 3-4-2 (6th in the West)

Ranking week 2: 22

“King Arthur” has arrived. May his reign be generous.

26. Arizona Coyotes: 3-5-1 (7th in the West)

Ranking week 2: 26

“So what you’re saying is we’re at that level, but we’ve got to get to that level.”


27. Chicago Blackhawks: 3-4-4 (6th center)

Ranking week 2: 29

Remember those tricks Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones use to erase people’s memories in “Men in Black”? The Blackhawks may want one of these at the end of the season.

28. Anaheim Ducks: 4-5-2 (5th West)

Ranking week 2: 16

A friend who is a huge fan of “Mighty Ducks” told me that this team is the equivalent of the Ducks in the first movie – before Bombay. Note: This comparison does not include John Gibson.

29. San Jose Sharks: 3-5-0 (8th West)

Ranking week 2: 27

Dear Doug Wilson: “You’re going to need a bigger boat.”

30. Detroit Red Wings: 2-6-2 (8th center)

Ranking week 2: 30

The Red Wings are stuck in The Upside Down. Will they be Barb or Hopper? Time will tell us.

31. Ottawa Senators: 1-8-1 (7th in the North)

Ranking week 2: 31

In “The Lion King”, Rafiki holds Simba for everyone to see. Simba is Tim Stützle. He is the future of senators and if you have seen his goal the other night, you know he just needs a little time to be king.


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