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8 tips to help you encourage, cooperate and build Bonkies

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  • Check new launch trailer for Bonkies, available today on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One
  • Learn about the healthy and happy co-op board game with a pinch of construction building
  • Discover tips that will help you get more fun from the game

Greetings, aspiring space cadets! Bonkies, the jolly couch co-op board game with a pinch of building, arrives on Xbox One today! To celebrate the launch, we’d like to share some quick tips on how to become the best Apestronaut the universe has ever seen. So grab your friends, buckle up, don your jetpack and robotic arm space suit and get ready for an extraplanetary monkey affair!

1: Know your equipment

BonkieCorp takes care of its brave space pioneers, and in order to ensure the success of our missions, we equip every monkey, dog, cat and other creatures we send into space with cutting edge and cutting edge technology – our own patented jetpack. , and a bionic arm! We’ll take a closer look at them in a moment, but for now know this: the jetpack lets you fly around the jobsite with grace and elegance, while the robot arm lets you manipulate materials and shape them into. glorious constructions!

At least in theory, because usually at first you are probably going to run into your friends a lot and knock things over… Practice makes perfect!

2: Bring your best friends

No great space endeavor has ever been accomplished by a single human (or ape). Each of the missions launched into the void of space was the work of many and required great cooperation to be successful. The same goes for the Bonkies! Even though our space program contains solo challenges, in case you want to practice on your own, the majority of the missions you will encounter are designed for co-op and teamwork! Sometimes two players will be enough, but make sure you have other friends ready to join in, as there is always more work for a spare pair of hands (or in this case a strong robotic arm!).

3: Free the arm

We have already mentioned the wonder of monkey technology that is your robot arm, but there is more to it than what you see. For the newbie space cadet, we recommend that you use it in its default mode, which means the arm will only orient in one of the four basic directions – up, down, left and right . This facilitates the handling of the blocks and ensures their correct placement in the construction.

However, if you think you could use a little more craziness in your life (couldn’t we all?), Feel free to navigate to the main menu options and change them, so that you can also use the right analog stick to operate the arm. Things are going to get a little more wacky, but that’s all part of the charm!


4: do not overheat

Now, let’s talk about your portable, portable and fashionable personal transport device – the jetpack! You are probably already familiar with the basic concept of such a tool – you use the left analog stick to glide easily through space (and sometimes accidentally crash into a support pillar or friend). These are also equipped with a boost! This is useful when you need to pick up a heavy block or when you want to move quickly.

However, beware that if you raise too much, trying to lift a heavy block, it could cause an overload, which will send you flying randomly around the construction site, and you will likely knock down the building you are. try to lift. It’s super fun, so get crazy every now and then!

5: High-five often

Nothing says “good job!”, Or “great!”, Or “hey, I really appreciate you as a friend!” quite like a good old-fashioned high-five! Not everyone knows that our engineers have spent an unreasonable amount of taxpayer time, effort, and money to ensure that robot arms can also handle and faithfully represent all the delicate nuances of this ancient tradition and sacred. Simply position your arm close to another player’s arm and strike! High-five, low-five, middle-five, behind the back and five upside down, the arm can take it all!

A well-placed high-five is the icing on the cake of a freshly finished build, and should bring out a smile on the face of any sensitive, organic or synthetic being. Use them wisely!


6: Topple what you built (but not too early)

The joys of creation are one of the driving forces behind everything the monkey has accomplished so far and hopes to accomplish in the days, years or centuries to come. But, to be honest, it’s also great to knock something big over and watch it fall apart. Destruction can also be fun to watch, and even more fun to cause!

That’s why, after completing each challenge, you’ll have a moment to bring everything back to ruin. Just make sure the timer has clicked and the challenge is over or else you might anger your team members and unplug your controller (well, controllers usually aren’t plugged in these days, but you get the idea).

And yes, we know that sort of defeats the purpose of raising builds in the first place, but go for it. What is more important – a logically continuous space operation, or having fun? Yeah, that’s what we thought too.

7: Look for secret hats

Everyone likes to find little, interesting or surprising secrets every now and then, and this is a scientific fact of life, our scientists have confirmed it. They’re wearing lab coats, so that must be true, right?

Well, in order for someone to find a secret, someone first has to hide it. So to make your mission even more fun, we decided to be that someone (the second, the one who hides things)

Before embarking on a challenge, you are asked to enter 3 letters as a name that will identify you among the other players. There are over 30 3-letter codes that when entered will give you a little bit of flair like cute LIT glasses or a tophat worthy of a real SIR.
That’s enough clues, find out the rest for yourself!


8: Get those bananas!

Everyone knows that bananas are a valuable source of potassium and a delicious curvy snack. Not everyone knows that they are also the space fuel of the future! And even fewer are the keepers of ancient lore, which suggests that bananas gained from completing a challenge before a set time is the keys to unlocking more playable characters!

That last sentence isn’t entirely true, we’re spreading the word so everyone will know how to unlock more majestic creatures to help build space. BonkieCorp doesn’t just employ monkeys, you know. Cats, dogs, mammals, robots, and a few mythical creatures all want to be part of the mission, so we’ve decided to leave them. Discover them all!

Knowing these tips should make the task at hand (colonizing the solar system in team of monkeys with jetpacks and robot arms, just to remind you) a little easier. This does not mean that it will be easy or that this knowledge will suffice on its own. You will always need the help of your friends, a sharp wit and impressive agility to tame the far reaches of space. But, the most important thing is to remember that it will also be a lot of fun!

Bonkies launches on Xbox One today, and you get them at 20% off the first week! See you there, space cadet!

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Bonkies is a cheerful board game about cooperation, space building and the joys of colonizing the solar system in a team of monkeys. You and your main companions will be tasked with raising all kinds of original constructions on distant planets, stacking blocks so that they match a given outline. To do so, you will need to team up with other space animals and master the use of your trusty monkey gear – a banana-powered jetpack and a powerful robot arm. On top of that, you’ll have to use the wackiest block types (magnets, rockets, and even nuclear fusion aren’t aliens for a well-trained astronaut like you) and work in exotic locations and not quite suitable for monkeys. . Who Said Building Space Was Going To Be Easy? Monkey with your friends! Moving heavy blocks is no small task. Fortunately, up to 4 friends can join forces to carry this burden (or drop it on each other’s heads). Monkey all alone Waiting for your friends to join you? Do not worry! You can have fun in the single player campaign! Fancy blocks for all occasions To make the work more interesting, you will find rather unusual blocks at your disposal. If you thought this would all be easy, wait until you have to try to grab a stray rocket block in flight or wield an explosive nuclear fusion cube. Choose your chimpion Animals of all shapes and sizes come to your aid, thumb owners or not! Monkeys, dogs, cats (maybe a unicorn too?) – you name it! They all can’t wait to dress up and make monkeys. Win your bananas Bananas are the space food of the future! Secure your party by beating time scores, and if you gather enough of them you’ll unlock new friends!


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