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8 tips to transform the gameplay of your ‘Sims 4’

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Especially when playing this fourth installment of The sims franchise, Birch often uses the tricks to liven up the pace of play. “In the past, I tried to play as a Sim with no money and try to move up the ranks… It’s really fun to do that by Sims 1, 2, and 3, because things are moving at a much faster pace, whereas in The Sims 4 it drags on for a very long time.

You can visit EA’s website and learn how to do the basic tricks for pc / mac and for console versions About the game. For players who wish to dive into the depths, comprehensive collections of specific tips for this game are easy to find with a quick internet search.

Keep your friends close and your enemies frozen

“I think the SimRay is probably one of the best The Sims 4Said Birch. New in this version of the game, the SimRay is, as the name suggests, a ray gun and tool created as part of the Get to Work Expansion Pack and can be invented by Sims on their way to career. scientist.

Of course, you can use the SimRay to put out fires, but if you fancy a more chaotic playstyle, then why not freeze your neighbors and stop them from calling the fire department? Also, if you live the Kleptomaniac lifestyle, I have found the Frozen Neighbors to be quite easy to loot. The SimRay includes multiple mind control features as the tool is updated.

Get cheese with

“The grilled cheese draw is hilarious, but it’s a hidden draw,” Birch said. “If you eat a certain amount of grilled cheese, you can have this aspiration.” Originally introduced in The sims 2 and brought in The sims 4, the grilled cheese suction can be unlocked after eating three plates of grilled cheese consecutively. My current Sim (named Cherry Spritzer) probably had an upset stomach after so much dairy, but her deepest desire for those gooey, yummy sandwiches was unleashed.

Aspiration is a driving desire your Sim has that can be fulfilled by achieving specific goals. For example, if you unlock the Grilled Cheese Aspiration, your Sim will start wanting to eat 10 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and chat with their friends about the topic, but ultimately the stakes are so high that your Sim will want to talk about Grilled Cheese. with the Grim Reaper.

Create your own tradition with a personalized cemetery

“When Sims 4 for the first time there were no family trees, traditions or previous stories, so you had to make it up yourself, ”said Birch. “I use tricks a lot to age people, kill parents, age their parents, kill them, etc.” Then you have a cemetery in the backyard. You have a little history. The custom graveyard was one of my favorite tips to try out, and I might have gone a bit over the top when creating the Spritzer family story!

Designed as existing in an alternate universe, The sims 4 does not follow the timeline created previously. This updated approach from EA to the fourth installment of the franchise demonstrates its desire to keep valuable intellectual property seen as fresh and relevant to a new generation of gamers. Compare the gameplay of The sims 4 with previous releases Birch said, “It’s designed for, I think, a younger generation who wants to play as the Kardashian who’s an influencer or whatever, but I want to play as a mad burglar who steals people’s stuff. . “


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