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$ 80 off the Bose 700 Wireless ANC Headphones Now

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Some of our favorite wireless headphones are down to their Black Friday sale price. Amazon has the Bose 700 cans in arctic white for $ 299, or $ 80 off their regular price. The Arctic White model usually gets the biggest discounts, while the Luxe Silver and Triple Black versions stay a bit higher. In fact, these color options are on sale as well, but only for $ 329.

Buy Bose 700 on Amazon – $ 299

These headphones impressed us enough to win a score of 90 and second on our list of favorite wireless headphones. While not technically part of the famous QuietComfort family, the 700s take all the good things about this range and add to it. Active noise cancellation is great, and there are 10 different levels to choose from using the Bose Music app. There’s also a button that gives you quick access to talk mode, which mutes the audio and turns off ANC, whenever you need to chat with someone. The 700 also has four microphones in each cup that help your voice be loud and clear when using the cans during calls.

The sound quality is good and we appreciate the facelift that Bose gave to the design of the 700. They are more modern than most of the company’s previous cans and Bose has managed to make the cups and padded headband even more comfortable to wear. wear for long periods. The 700 should also last up to 20 hours on a single charge, so you can wear them for hours just fine.

Aside from the sometimes harsh highs and lack of EQ settings in the companion app, the Bose 700’s biggest downside is its price. Normally $ 379, they are more expensive than most of the competition – including our top pick, the Sony WH-1000XM4. But if you can catch a pair when a sell like this happens, it’s a much better buy and a solid investment,

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