A Superheroine for a New Era


As a writer and producer, Geoff Johns has allowed many of our favorite characters like Diana Prince and Arthur Curry to leap off the screen and come to life as Wonder Woman and Aquaman, respectively. Now, as executive producer on DC’s Stargirl, he brings a new kind of superhero into our homes and into our hearts.

Introducing Stargirl

High school student Courtney Whitmore stumbles upon the cosmic staff once held by Sylvester Pemberton, the Star-Spangled Kid. She accidentally uses it to wreak havoc on a villainous jock at her school and chaos ensues. Unbeknownst to Courtney, her stepfather, Pat Dugan, served as the sidekick to Pemberton, and upon Pemberton’s death promised to keep the staff safe until he found someone worthy of wielding it. Dugan soon realizes Whitmore’s powers and offers her the staff. Upon accepting the cosmic staff and its responsibilities, Courtney Whitmore officially becomes Stargirl and the face of a new era of superheroes tasked with carrying on the legend of the illustrious Justice Society of America.

A New Superhero With a Familiar Feel

While Stargirl herself is a newer addition to the DC Universe, DC’s Justice Society of America is nothing new. In fact, premiering in the 1940s, or what is widely considered to be the golden age of comics, The Justice Society of America was the first real band of superheroes working together for the common good. So all the supergroups we’ve seen since then owe a debt of gratitude to the foundation laid by the JSA.

Stargirl is the face of a new era of superheroes facing modern problems with modern solutions, all of which have an underlying traditional simplicity appreciated by their predecessors. Being a teenage superhero drama, antics are around every corner in Stargirl, but never are they so outlandish that they lose sight of what made the golden age of comics so classic and pure in the first place. As Courtney recruits new members to the modern-day JSA, the show pays homage to the heroes of the golden age, while simultaneously keeping an eye on the future.

A Labor of Love

As a lifelong fan of the DC Universe, specifically the lesser-known heroes and heroines, Geoff Johns put years of research, passion and heart into this project. Furthermore, Courtney Whitmore is based on Johns’ late sister, so as one can imagine this project carries even more meaning. He hits the mark wonderfully, as Stargirl is a new and exciting adventure into some of the most classic and beloved superhero standards.


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