Thursday, March 30, 2023

Absurd medieval open world awaits in Rustler, coming to Xbox later this year

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Have you ever dreamed of wreaking havoc as a medieval thug? Soon, Xbox fans will be able to when Cattle thief, an old-school action sandbox game set in an even older school era, makes its way to Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One later this year. Embark on an incredible, historically inaccurate adventure filled with pop culture references, crazy humor and medieval shenanigans.

In Cattle thief, you will have the freedom to do whatever is necessary to improve your social status in the world as a peasant named Guy. You’ll begin your quest for wealth and recognition by plowing the fields for your tenacious mother, listening to your best friend named Buddy go for a walk drunk, and stealing horses for your bandit leader. However, it won’t be long before you get carried away by the absurd medieval fun that is Rustler. Pimping your horse, slicing up members of local guards, and hunting down the holy grail are just a few of the many absurd activities you can engage in.

Cattle thief

To win the kingdom, Guy can plan his way into the Grand Tournament with the ultimate prize of winning the hand of the princess. Or, you can choose to simply cause harm by wreaking havoc on villages and towns with a number of weapons at your disposal, including swords, crossbows, and even holy hand grenades. Need help in combat? Don’t worry, search for heavy armor and hire beat-boxing bards to aid you in your battles.

Cattle thief

As you travel through half of the kingdom, you will also come across an assortment of mini-games to play. Need additional parts? Take part in medieval martial arts (MMA) cage fighting. Want to see how fast your commute is? Leave your opponents in the dust by participating in horse races in the village.

Be the True Anti-Hero You Were Meant to Be When Rustler Releases on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One later in 2021.


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