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AEW’s Tony Khan discusses Sting taking electric bomb last week on Dynamite

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Wrestling fans around the world held their collective breath as they saw Prick take an electric bomb from Brian cage on AEW Dynamite last week. As scary as the moment is, fear not, The Icon is fully entitled to compete.

Tony Khan recently spoke with Mike Johnson about PWInsider to discuss everything AEW. When Sting’s physicality on last week’s Dynamite surfaced, Khan was quick to point out that the former was fully authorized to make such a decision.

“He was cleared, he was completely cleared. He trained with Darby and his training partners and he was fully allowed to wrestle. In his training, one thing he did to prepare with his training partners is a powerful bomb. In terms of preparation for it, I was more than okay with that and actually called him. At that point, when he takes them to training, it’s time for the live crowd. So he was completely allowed to do it and wanted to do it and he wanted to go out and fight. Sting will be on Dynamite tomorrow looking for ROI and all bets are off now. Sting is allowed to wrestle and he wants to wrestle and that’s how he wanted to end his wrestling career in the ring was at AEW and come in and out like he always wanted to come out with great matches. “

Tony Khan opens up about Sting’s next game on AEW

Khan was excited about the reaction the powerbomb spot received on social media last week on AEW Dynamite, as it created a conversation about Sting’s well-being.

“He’s prepared for that and I expect Sting to have a great performance on March 7. He has very high expectations for this game and his return here, and so do I. I thought Brian made a great job with the powerbomb and certainly got people talking about the game in a very positive way and created a conversation on, “Is Sting going to be okay?” Well that was the idea, we’re trying to create this conversation but the most important thing is that he’s fine and he’s been through the curtain … it’s not going to be an easy time, it took a lot of him but at the same time he came out in one piece and that’s what he wanted. “

What do you think of the fact that Sting is fully allowed to compete in an AEW ring? Does it change your feelings about last week’s electric bomb? Who would you like to see him wrestle with in AEW after the revolution? Let us know by making your voice heard in the comments section below.

Posted on Feb 25, 2021 05:38 AM


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