Sunday, March 26, 2023

Alphabet’s Wing says new US drone rules will hurt privacy

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The company also argued that broadcast IDs make it harder to create at scale. drone traffic control systems. Traffic management will be vital for a drone industry that could use Network ID as a “key building block,” Wing said.

Wing argued that the FAA rules had to “keep evolving” to accommodate this, even if it stopped before continuing official action. The agency stressed that the identification system was an “initial framework” and that drone manufacturers have 18 months to develop their identification technology and seek approval.

Reality, like The edge noted, is more complicated. The FAA shifted its strategy from network identifiers to remote identifiers due to a number of potential issues, including unreliable cell coverage and the possibility that data breaches at third-party brokers could ground drones. and compromise confidentiality. This doesn’t negate the issues with broadcast IDs, but it does suggest that none of the current options are ideal.


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