Friday, August 12, 2022

Amazon Adds Contactless Palm Reading One Technology to More Go Stores

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Last September, Amazon introduced a contactless payment system called One which literally reads your palm to authenticate purchases in Amazon retail stores. It is going so well that the company has decided to expand it, at least in its seat in Seattle. Starting today, Amazon One contactless palm reading technology is coming to Madison & Minor’s Amazon Go site and will expand to two more locations “in the coming weeks,” Amazon said.

Amazon said it had received “good feedback” from customers on the convenience of the One system. It also touted it as being more hygienic than other systems thanks to the touchless functionality. Since a person’s identity cannot be directly linked to their palm, it is apparently more focused on privacy. Finally, it eliminates the need for cameras, smartphones, and other security measures to shop at Go stores without a cashier.


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