Sunday, October 2, 2022

Amazon Fire TV’s Free News App Now Has 88 Local Stations

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Amazon’s free Fire TV news app launched local coverage at the end of last year with only a dozen channels serving larger municipalities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Today, it is increasing its coverage to 88 stations – provided by regional divisions of ABC, CBSN, TEGNA, Cox, The EW Scripps Company and Altice USA – in an effort to cater to a greater portion of the viewing public. news.

New areas include: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Phoenix, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Orlando, Fayetteville, Fresno, Fort Myers, Grand Rapids, Great Falls, Green Bay, Jacksonville, Knoxville, Lafayette, Memphis, Nashville, Phoenix , Pittsburgh, Portland (OR), Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, St. Louis, Tucson, Tulsa, Orlando and Washington, DC, among others.

Although it still doesn’t match the 275 long-standing news stations News on (also available on Fire TV, along with Roku), Amazon’s app has a slight advantage as it comes pre-installed on its platform. You can also start it through Alexa on the Fire TV voice remote or an Echo speaker.


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