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Among us, a developer explains why the updates took so long

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Among us Developer Innersloth posted a Dev Diary, promising a 2021 content roadmap and explaining why updates to the game have taken longer than expected. Innersloth Blog, the huge and sudden success of Among Us leads to major changes for the game, including cancel a sequel in favor of updates to the original. Less noticeably, the popularity of the game led to a lot of changes behind the scenes, and Innersloth implemented a way to work on the game and its updates in a more sustainable way as a result: “We had to spend 2 months there. just restructure, find new processes and get external partners to help us manage on board, ”the blog read.

“If we wanted this to work long term and hire, we had to streamline things. It all works behind the scenes, and even if it meant time away from the game, it will be easier for us now and in the future to develop the game better, ”adds Innersloth. “We want to do more for you to show yourself how grateful we are, but without sacrificing the quality and values ​​we had before it exploded.” Obviously, the small team is currently working on new content for the game and making sure that it will be ported to new platforms in the near future.

As for what’s to come now that much of that work is done, Innersloth says it will release a 2021 roadmap soon. The developer notes that it was hoping to launch the planned “ accounts ” system for the game earlier, but a first moderation-focused update is coming as soon as possible, which will lay the groundwork for this update. In the end, Innersloth wanted to “make sure it wasn’t half-baked before implementing it.” (Believe me, you don’t want a bad reporting system with no accountability.) ”

As revealed at the Game Awards 2020, a new The airship card arrives at Among Us in early 2021, and the game will also launch on Xbox consoles this year. In other news from Among Us, the game recently Among Google’s Most Popular Searches of 2020.

Jordan Oloman is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.


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