Monday, July 15, 2024

Apex Legends teases new character and location as Respawn celebrates 100 million players

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Apex Legends has officially reached 100 million players, developer Respawn announced on Wednesday. Respawn also appears to be teasing a new character and potentially some sort of new location for players.

The character in question appears in the 43rd second, flying over the sky as Mirage exclaims “someone started the party”. The figure, shrouded in darkness, seems to fly upward, or at least in a gentle bow. Other than Horizon, who can use a jetpack while falling, no other character in Apex Legends really has this kind of maneuverability.

We also get to see what a new or changed location in Kings Canyon looks like, although it only appears for half a second after the new character appears in the sky. Here’s a quick screenshot.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to do, but we know that Apex Legends season 9 will feature Titanfall, Respawn’s original shooter franchise, to an extent. Don’t forget that you can play Apex Legends on the Switch now, so read our review to see if it holds up.
Joseph Knoop is a Writer / Producer / Lifeline for IGN.


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