Monday, August 8, 2022

Apple’s ‘Time to Walk’ Stories Arrive Today for Fitness + Users

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When you start playing an episode, Apple Watch also starts recording a walk workout. If you are someone in a wheelchair, Time to Walk will be called “Time to Push” and the automatic workout that begins will be a wheelchair workout rather than a walk. Stories are accompanied by photos that appear on your watch that coincide with specific parts of the story. And when the story is over, the host presents a short playlist of songs to extend the experience.

Because listening to an episode automatically initiates a walk workout, Time to Walk stories are only available on Apple Watch. The app will automatically download five episodes to your watch, and as new ones come out, the old ones will be deleted. You can manage specific episodes on your watch through the Fitness iPhone app, although you cannot play episodes directly from your phone.

Time to Walk is expected to arrive on the Apple Watch today for Fitness + subscribers, although it doesn’t appear to be live yet.


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