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Apple’s VR headset would be ultra expensive and very niche

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Apple is working hard on its first VR headset, but according to reports, this initial product offering will be intentionally high-end and niche to pave the way for a more user-friendly product offering AR helmet all the wayIn a report by Bloomberg, sources familiar with the matter say that Apple’s first VR headset – aimed at activities such as gaming, videos and communications – will be available as early as 2022. And it won’t be cheap.

This first VR headset will likely be more expensive than competing VR headsets and only sell “one headset per day per store”. This strategy is apparently intentional as Apple continues to work on an AR glasses type product more aimed at consumers.As for the VR headset itself, this product would be configured to include Apple’s most advanced chip and offer higher resolution than headsets from Oculus or HTC. The power of this headset also requires a built-in fan, a design choice Apple generally tries to avoid.

According to sources, versions of Apple’s VR headset with its processor and fan have led to a device that is too heavy and large in size, which raises “neck strain” issues. Current designs have reduced the size and use a fabric exterior to reduce overall weight. It will also be a stand-alone device like the Oculus Quest.

Apple has streamlined its headset to be much closer to the face, reducing the size of the device but removing the space needed for users who wear glasses with VR headsets. One solution Apple is reportedly working on is developing a system where owners can insert custom prescription lenses into the VR headset.

However, corrective lenses will open Apple to additional government regulations.

Oculus Quest 2

The VR headset will feature many of the same features as competing hardware, but some AR features as well. The development of AR glasses is early, but it would be Apple’s primary focus, as the company sees AR as a more mainstream product than virtual reality.

However, the early release of a VR headset will let customers know what to expect when Apple finally releases an AR headset, with an announcement slated targeting 2023.

Matt TM Kim is a reporter for IGN.


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