Sunday, April 14, 2024

AT&T hosted a live Axel Mansoor concert in AR using only 5G phones

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The gig took advantage of the extra bandwidth and low latency of 5G, as well as machine learning and cutting edge computing (i.e. bringing computing power closer to the place). where it was needed). Previously, an AR performance could involve specialized volumetric streaming hardware, motion capture suits or simply pre-register the show.

AT&T and Ericsson quickly recognize that the technology is young. The Virtual Axel looks mostly like the real artist and reflects his general activity, but the model animation is stilted enough that you won’t forget that you are looking at a digital avatar. It is also much easier to convey the performance of a solo artist to a small audience than it would be for a group with thousands of participants. And yes, there is no doubt that this is an attempt to justify 5G at a time when daily benefits are relatively scarce.

It does show, however, how musicians could put on special concerts even after the pandemic. They wouldn’t need an elaborate studio to make distant fans feel involved. The technology could also be useful far beyond music – you could have virtual tours with family, friends or colleagues with more presence than yet another video call.


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