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Best Arcade Cabinet 2021: Relive the Classic Game with These Arcade Machines

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Look, anyone with a serious gambling den probably has an awesome game television go with a fleet of consoles or a patient gaming desk serve as the heart of a combat station. We don’t think there is a problem with this, but there is a lot more that can be done to set up a recreation room. One of the more interesting options is an arcade cabinet, you will find arcade cabinets that will make you feel like you are traveling through time, giving you access to a horde of classic games alongside arcade controls. familiar. In many cases, a quality arcade cabinet can even exceed the cabinets you would actually see in the arcades. Many of these models include from multiple games to thousands of games in a single cabinet. Even if you don’t have room for a full-size arcade cabinet, you can jump into the retro fun with a handful of mini arcade and tabletop cabinets. And, thanks to Black friday the savings are already starting, you could win big on these arcade machines for yourself or for a freebie.

So if you’re ready to relive some arcade classics, check out our top picks for arcade cabinets.

TL; DR – These are the best arcade cabinets

1. Creative Arcades Full Size Arcade Machine

Best arcade machine

Creative Arcades Full Size Arcade Machine

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The Creative Arcades full-size arcade machine is basically the closest thing to really bringing the arcade home. It is a fully commercial grade cabinet with four Sanwa joysticks and a 32 inch screen covered with tempered glass. This means that you not only have plenty of room to play with friends, but also the premium quality controls that you should expect from a high end product.

Plus, it’s packed with 3,500 games, including classics like Mortal Kombat, Robotron, and Moonwalker. This machine even comes with a pair of bar stools when you get tired of standing.

2. AtGames Legends Ultimate

Best multi-game arcade machine

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AtGames Legends Ultimate

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If you are planning to make room for a large arcade cabinet in your home, you might want to make sure that this cabinet will be good at more than one thing. AtGames Legends Ultimate (read our review) The Arcade Cabinet is packed with over 300 games (including classic arcade titles, Atari games, and a curious collection of Sega Genesis games) you know and love in one machine, so you can really make the most of it. space it occupies. A little added bonus is that the AtGames Legends Ultimate takes advantage of the fact that it doesn’t use an old CRT screen, so the cabinet isn’t built as deep as regular arcade machines.

The AtGames Legends UItimate has a pair of joysticks with six buttons for each player, allowing two players to participate in the action together. But it does not stop there. There are also two rotary knobs for playing games like Tempest and a big trackball. If you ever feel unhappy with the games on offer or the controls, the cabinet supports a wired Xbox controller and you can also stream games from your computer or pay to stream games from AtGames.

3. Arcade1UP Galaga Arcade Machine

Best cabaret arcade cabinet

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Arcade1Up Galaga Arcade Machine

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It’s pretty easy to see the allure of having an arcade machine back in your home. But the old technology tended to be big and cumbersome. The Cabaret models keep the design a bit more on the svelte side, and this is the case here with the Arcade1UP Galaga Arcade Machine.

This model remains balanced at just 19 inches wide. It would also normally be just under 46 inches tall, but it includes a heavy lift that can raise it up to 61.8 inches in height. It includes both the classic Galaga and Galaxian arcade games as well as original artwork on the cabinet.

4. Prime Arcades Cocktail Arcade Machine

Best Arcade Cocktail Cabinet

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Prime Arcades Cocktail Arcade Machine

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Let’s face it: standing up is for the suction cups. Back in the days of arcades and bars that also had arcade machines, someone would say, “Hey, what if we could put our drinks on an arcade machine and play at the same time?” And so, the magic arcade cocktail machine was born.

This particular unit of Prime Arcades includes 1,162 classic games (412 vertical and 750 horizontal), including Galaga, Street Fighter II Turbo and much more. And just to make sure you make the most of your newfound freedom in the face of the tyranny of standing, that even includes the chrome stools.

5. My Arcade Data East Classics Mini Player

Best tabletop arcade cabinet

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My Arcade Data East Classics Mini Player

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If you are short on floor space, it is always possible to glue a fully functional arcade machine on the table. This unit of My Arcade features 35 titles from the classic Data East collection, including BurgerTime, Joe and Mac Returns, and Street Hoop.

Games are displayed on a 4.25-inch LCD screen, and controls include a miniature joystick (which you can unscrew for a regular D-Pad) and arcade buttons. Plus, Data East’s authentic design on the cabinet looks pretty radiant. Big things really come in small packages. MyArcade also has a MiniPlayer dedicated to the classic collection of Namco if you prefer to play games like PacMan and Galaga.

6. My Arcade Bubble Bobble Micro Player

Best mini arcade cabinet

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Bubble Bobble Micro Player

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We are now entering the field of portable arcade machines with Bubble Bobble Micro Player. It has a small 2.75-inch screen with a pair of itty-bitty arcade controls.

This arcade machine will easily fit in the palm of your hand, so you can store it in a bag and it also makes a great table decoration. Of course, it doesn’t perform as well or as impressive as some of the bigger machines on this list, but the Bubble Bobble Micro Player is also a small fraction of the cost of its bigger competitors and won’t take up as much space in your room. House. .

7. Tiny Arcade Space Invaders

Best small arcade cabin

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Tiny Arcade Space Invaders

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Large, expensive arcade cabinets just aren’t within everyone’s budget. Fortunately, this Tiny Arcade cabinet only costs $ 18. This Space Invaders machine is, as the name suggests, super tiny. Think about the size of a tiny key chain.

But surprisingly, this little wonder plays the full, original Space Invaders on an even smaller screen. The controls also work very well. It’s small enough to serve as a fancy little decoration on your desk, and you don’t have to tell someone else at the desk that you can actually play on it when you need a quick mental break from it. job.

8. Arcade1Up Mortal Kombat Arcade Cabinet

Best fighting game arcade cabinet

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Arcade1Up Mortal Kombat Arcade Cabinet

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Before you jump into a big rumor that IGN has selected Mortal Kombat is the best fighting arcade game on Street Fighter, Tekken, Soul Caliber, Dead or Alive, King of Fighters, Darkstalkers, BlazBlue, Smash Bros. or any of your other favorites – weren’t.

We simply selected the Mortal Kombat Arcade Cabinet 1Up (read our review) because it best mimics the classic experience of playing the first three games in the series. At just $ 300, it certainly costs less than a real Mortal Kombat machine, as it’s three-quarters the size of a traditional machine.

At this price, you get a robust control set that fighting stick owners will appreciate it, although gamepads aren’t super ergonomic for everyone. The games are played as before. Although this device has an LCD screen rather than a CRT, there is no smudge or ugly ghost effect. Everything looks crisp and as colorful as the original games were due to the pixelated blood streams. And if you’re more into Street Fighter, Arcade1Up also has a machine for you.

9. Namco Pac-Man Pixel Bash

Best Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet

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Namco Pac-Man Pixel Bash

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Hey, it’s a Pac-Man party and everyone’s invited! Except for Inky, get lost Inky. While most of the cabinets on this list are made by third parties using emulators to install a lot of classic games, this Namco Pac-Man Pixel Bash machine is quite unique.

After all, it’s sold by the legendary Namco, and if you’re familiar with Namco’s popular Namco Museum collections for consoles, it’s basically the same concept, but in a full-size, cabaret-sized arcade cabinet with a 19-inch monitor. . This unit comes with 32 classic titles including Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, and more in a well-designed and eye-catching machine.

10. SNK MVSX Arcade Machine

Best SNK Arcade Cabinet

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SNK MVSX Arcade Machine

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From King of Fighters and Samurai Showdown to Metal Slug and Fatal Fury, these iconic arcade franchises all came from one place: SNK. So what better way to relive that classic arcade experience than a dedicated SNK Neo Geo machine loaded with 50 games.

SNK MVSX Arcade Cabinet features a large number of titles from these classic franchises, as well as Real Bout, World Heroes, Sengoku, and more. For $ 500, you have access to a classic library that will provide you with plenty of playing time. And, it offers an option to play through the arcade or the home console versions of the games. The cabinet itself gives you and a friend room to play shoulder to shoulder, as it is 57 inches tall, has a 17 inch screen, and has full-size arcade controls. for two players. Fortunately, you won’t have to run for quarters if you run out of lives with this cabinet.

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