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Best Pet Camera (2020): Petcube, Furbo and more

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The integrated laser sets the Petcube Play 2 apart from other pet cameras. In the app, you can swipe your finger across the live camera feed, and the built-in laser will follow your finger’s path. The laser is safe for pets and the camera itself has Alexa built in, which means if you tell Amazon’s voice assistant to play with your pet, it will initiate a gaming session. This feature works whether you’re at home and feeling lazy, or you’re away and you don’t have time to drag the laser around.

My kittens loved playing with the laser, but the in-app play process is finicky. Sometimes the laser jumps or responds slowly, and on more than one occasion my cats couldn’t see it because the light safe for pets can be quite dim. Reading other reviews of the Petcube 2, there seems to be a problem with laser visibility and fluid movement in homes filled with lots of natural light, you might want to take this into account if you are considering purchasing it. For my testing, I mostly played Alexa with my cats, which I honestly would do most of the time if I owned the camera myself.

Like Adrienne, I also tried the Petcube Care subscription. If you don’t need a bigger backlog of stored videos, a constant stream of mediocre discounts from Petcube partners, or the intelligence of AI, I wouldn’t recommend it. The Play 2 already has a high price point compared to other models on the market. Even if you go with the cheapest Petcube Care annual plan, you’ll pay an additional $ 48 per year. This is almost a quarter of the normal cost of the camera. But if you have multiple pets or are away from home a lot, the membership may be worth your while.—Louryn Strampe

Petcube Play 2 costs $ 150 from Amazon and Soft.

Pawbo + Wireless Interactive Pet Camera

Photography: Pawbo

the Pawbo + Pet Camera is designed to track dogs or cats. This pet camera features HD video stream, two-way talk function and remote treatment options. There is also an instant sharing feature that allows you to seamlessly post cute photos to social media.

Like many pet owners, you might worry that your furry friend is not getting enough exercise and mental stimulation while you are away. The Pawbo + is neat because it incorporates a handy laser game that your feline friends will enjoy. (Note that some animal professionals discouraged the use of such games in the old days.)

While this camera is definitely more pet friendly than your basic security camera, and its features work well, it’s not as advanced as the other options on this list, making it hard to stand out from the crowd considering of its price.—Kayla Matthews

Pawbo + costs $ 150 from Amazon and Soft.

Correction 2/27/2020 9 a.m. PST: We’ve updated the Petcube Bites 2 listing to note that Alexa is integrated, not enabled.

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