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Black Legend is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

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  • Master tactical combat and the art of 17th century alchemy.
  • Freely explore Grant to discover new recruits, resources, and classes.
  • Personalize each team with highly customizable versions.

Hi Xbox gamers, we are Warcave, a Belgian studio, and we are thrilled Dark legend officially launches on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S! And even better: it’s available now!

Dark legend is a turn-based strategy RPG that takes place on the streets of Grant, a 17e century-old city based on the architecture of the Netherlands in Northern Europe (Belgium and the Netherlands). As players explore Grant, they will piece together stories of survivors, discover new gear and classes for their team during the ultimate quest to free Grant and regain freedom.

We have worked on Dark legend It’s been a while now, I’d say almost two years, and we’re so happy that it’s launching on Xbox. We’ve taken a lot of inspiration from other games in the genre, you can’t really change the fundamentals of turn-based strategy (you can’t just leave out turn-based, you know), and put our own to it. touch. The basic turn-based gameplay mechanics are still there, you get action and movement points each turn to perform your moves, but without the 95% chance to miss.

While remaining true to the fundamentals, we differ in our approach to upping the fight. As part of our design direction, we wanted to stay away from the classic interpretation of “magic” systems and started looking for a different approach. As a result, our design team became more interested in the science of the day and came across this type of “medicine of humor” and its relationship to alchemy. Alchemy quickly became the key aspect of our narrative design and gameplay as it provided both a good sense of immersion and a unique twist to standard RPG combat.

Dark legend

When used in combination with different types of melee and ranged attacks, the player can inflict devastating alchemical combos. These combos result in debilitation, injury, or poisoning in your enemies, but beware, they will do the same to you!

The other aspect that we find important is Grant’s exploration. Our main goal is to make exploration have a significant impact on the game and be part of the progression. All along Dark legend you can freely explore every dark corner or alley that Grant, and his six neighborhoods, has to offer. In doing so, you will find plenty of resources that will come in handy, and trust me when I say you can never have enough resources to complete Grant’s challenges, especially in the hardest difficulty when permanent death begins to kick in. trigger.

Dark legend

We want you to be in control of the way you play the game by adding multiple difficulty settings for everyone to enjoy, in addition to our highly customizable character system. There are a total of fifteen different classes in the game, each with their unique active and passive skill sets. But there’s more, you can build and customize your squad using cross-class abilities! What does it mean? Essentially, these cross-class abilities are abilities from other specializations (duh) that can be used in a different set of class moves once learned.

Start your journey! Grant’s doors are open right now! We can’t wait for everyone to step into the Cursed City and begin their own journey to find freedom. Xbox gamers can’t wait to be part of the Dark legend community can join our official Discord: . We are also on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tic, and Instagram.

See you in Grant!

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Dark legend


$ 29.99

Lead a squadron of mercenaries in the cursed town of Grant and help a surviving resistance fight against a deadly cult of fanatics. Eliminate the fog that envelops the streets and inflicts madness among the people in this exciting, alternate-story, turn-based strategy RPG! – Explore the ruined streets of Grant, a 17th century town based on the architecture of the Lowlands. Help the resistance in its fight against the Mephist cultists. – Discover the story of Mephisto, a menacing alchemist who stirred an infuriating fog and darkened the entire city. – Fight using body alchemy based on the ancient concept of humorism. Master the four different instabilities and combine them with catalyst attacks to deal massive damage to enemies! – Unlock 15 playable classes, each capable of learning unique abilities and managing different equipment. Master them, synergize with other units, and become Grant’s ultimate liberator! – Customize your journey, from an indulgent experience for history buffs, to a hardcore challenge that punishes every mistake. We await our release from your hands, stranger. Grant us our wish!


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