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Bloomberg: Full development of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ didn’t start until 2016

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In one of the many dissections on CD Projekt Red’s missteps in creating Cyberpunk 2077, Bloomberg Jason Schreier just published an article on the development of the game. His reports do not corroborate the rumors of discussion about Keanu Reeves, but rather the more mundane issue of unrealistic development timelines and failure to account for the hardware limitations of console.

As the article explains, although announced in 2012, the company still focused on The Witcher 3 and “full development” didn’t start until 2016, when CD Projekt Red “hit the reset button”. Games Awesome E3 2018 Demo is described as “almost entirely false”. Despite promises from management that the tightening would not be necessary, the developers still felt pressured into working long hours, and when its spring 2020 release date was announced, they started betting on when it would be. would be delayed.


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