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Bloomberg: new iPad Pro will include Thunderbolt and Mini LED technology

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If you’re wondering what’s next for Apple’s tablet family, Bloomberg Journalist Mark Gurman says the iPad Pro family should be refreshed as early as next month. High-end tablets will include upgraded processors that are described as “on par” with the M1 ARM chip that Apple is putting inside Macs, as well as upgraded cameras and Mini LED technology on at least. a model to help improve its brightness and contrast ratios.

It is a particularly good time for a refreshment, between Apple’s advanced processor technology sets its future on, and Recently updated iPad Airs who provide almost everything the current Pro does at a lower price. Differentiating the top of the line with connectors that make it look more like the office-oriented productivity device it’s supposed to be will obviously give some consumers a reason to choose the more expensive model. One of our complaints about iPad Pro 2020 was that he didn’t feel considerably refreshed, and maybe that can change that feeling.

Along with the extra power, the other major upgrade to look forward to is Thunderbolt connectivity. Using the same USB-C connector, it will allow for much faster data transmission with high-resolution displays or external storage devices that are compatible with compatible Macs (like those M1 powered laptops). To top off the rumors, Bloomberg reports that Apple will launch a thinner and lighter iPad for students when they return to school, as well as an iPad Mini with a screen larger than the current 7.9-inch screen. .


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