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Brush up on your cryptocurrency trading skills with these expert-led classes

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Cryptocurrency is gaining ground every year, which means that the space demands an even higher level of understanding for anyone who is serious about making their mark. What was once a niche interest for very specific groups of investors will soon be accepted by and , while began to integrate the currency at the end of last year. On top of that, crypto trading is also growing in popularity, emerging as a niche stock market for people who want to experience investing from the comfort of their laptops.

If you are new to the world of investing or are a seasoned investor who is concerned about losing your edge, definitely worth a look at $ 145. It offers intermediate to advanced training in all aspects of cryptocurrency training, from programming and sorting risks to implementing long-term strategies. Each class in this set comes with lifetime access.

The first class, “Crypto Trading Strategies: Intermediate,” lasts 2.5 hours and explains some of the intricacies of cryptocurrency; describes the risks associated with trading; and teaches you how to create and execute three different intraday trading strategies with the Python computer programming language. If you are already a programmer or quant who is excited about the opportunities that digital currencies can offer, this course is the step you have been waiting to take.

Next is “Crypto Trading Advanced”, which delves into the world of automated trading, machine learning and statistical arbitrage. This slightly longer class (it lasts 3.5 hours) will give you an advantage over anyone who trades with more rudimentary strategies as it offers a quantitative and programmatic approach to trading: you can write strategies that identify hidden patterns and position your investments to take advantage of with k-means clustering trading strategies, optimized entry points using Hurst Exponent and more.

The final course is “Quantitative Trading Strategies and Models,” and it is recommended for anyone ready to take the step into quantitative training – an advanced approach to trading that requires time series analysis, ARIMA GARCH and betting. implementation of options and derivatives. You will discover the difference between quantitative and technical trading; econometric models; and how to analyze BSM Options prices and strategies in live markets without any installation or download. This class is the longest of the three, with a cadence of 4.5 hours, and relies just as heavily on Python.

So if you are hoping to hone your trading skills and truly stand out in the world of cryptocurrency trading, you can’t beat these classes. You can do your first strategic investment at just $ 145, or less than $ 50 per course.

Prices subject to change.

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