Friday, June 2, 2023

Call of Duty’s open-world zombie experience, The Outbreak, now lands with Season 2

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 2 is arriving right now. Although the new update contains a lot of new things to explore the game, perhaps the most interesting is the Outbreak Zombies Experience. Call of Duty’s zombie modes are generally self-contained, round-based entities that require players to uncover secrets and solve puzzles while fending off the endless and ever-tougher hordes of the undead.

From today, everything is about to change. Outbreak offers players a dynamic open-world zombie mode. Not only will you face a ravenous tide, world events and exploration are key pillars of Outbreak, allowing you to use vehicles and enjoy a huge play area to fight the scourge. Outbreak can be enjoyed as a team or solo.

“In the towers, the zombies are constantly coming towards you,” says Kevin Drew, Senior Systems and Outbreak Designer. “This mode, you drive this experience, you move through space, you meet the zombies along the way at your own pace and you can make decisions there. You can explore, drive, find zombies in the world, or things we call world events, go loot. But at the end of the day you have to go complete the objective and it’s your carrot on the stick that will make everyone converge. That’s where we go. can increase the difficulty and make it a very concentrated moment with the tension. “

After completing a main objective, you have the option to catch your breath and perform some upgrades. After that, you can choose to move to a different and more difficult region to complete another objective or to “retire” the experience with an exfil. The difficulty in this mode increases quickly if you hit beacons and carry to new regions with power jumps, so it’s more of an elevator rather than a staircase. A host of different objectives and world events await players in the new mode.

“So I mean, there are all kinds of different experiences that the Requiem team is having in these epidemic areas,” says Creative Director Corky Lehmkuhl. “So there’s genetic DNA scanning, there’s purified etherium that they’re collecting and sending back. So, one goal, harvesting Aetherium, you see these cans appearing. Requiem wants to send back to headquarters to study. So you have to get the cartridge back, you put it on its back. And then, of course, the zombies are attracted to you. So you have to go to the rocket and put it down and you have to. do it twice. And then you send the rocket launchers up into the air. ”

While there is information and knowledge to be discovered in Outbreak, the big questlines and storytelling rhythms won’t go live until Season 3. For Season 2, it’s all about exploring the new one. iteration over the zombie core. Expect Treyarch to experiment intensely with Outbreak as the seasons of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War continue. Of course, Season 2 brings a lot of new content to the main multiplayer and Warzone, check out the trailer below!


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