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Carson Wentz Trade Rumors: Breaking Colts vs Bears As The Best Way To Fix Broken QB

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With the Eagles ready to trade Carson Wentz, anyone can connect the points they will soon be dealt to the Colts or Bears during the 2021 NFL offseason. After the Wentz outage in 2020 that put Philadelphia on the path to firing coach Doug Pederson, Indianapolis and Chicago are by far the most logical landing points.

The Colts need a QB and employ former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich as head coach. The Bears need a quarterback and employ former Eagles quarterback coach John DeFilippo as the passing game coordinator.

Reich and DiFilippo continue to get a ton of credit for getting the most out of Wentz, turning him into an NFL MVP candidate in 2017 while they both worked under Pederson. Based on Wentz struggling to the point of being on the bench for second-round rookie Jalen Hurts last season, most teams won’t be ready to give up much for Wentz, given the high supply of quarterbacks. between the veterans market and the 2021 draft.

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Reich reunited with Philip Rivers and that helped the Colts advance to the playoffs, but Rivers retired and Jacoby Brissett is a free agent. The Bears didn’t have the same QB success reuniting Nick Foles with DeFilippo and coach Matt Nagy, but they still made the playoffs with Mitchell Trubisky, who is a free agent.

The proof is there that Indianapolis and Chicago are the two best and the only ones who feel comfortable relaunching Wentz’s career. But which team is the best? Here’s a look at Wentz’s chances of waking up in both cases:

How Carson Wentz would fit in with the Colts

The Colts have more than $ 69 million of salary cap space slated for the second-highest number in the NFL, by They have the standard seven picks in the draft, starting with the 21st overall. Along with Rivers, valiant left tackle Anthony Castonzo has also retired. Along with Brissett, their most notable unrestricted offensive free agent is longtime wide receiver TY Hilton, in decline at the age of 31.

Wentz was sacked 50 times an NFL high and somewhat linked to that pressure, kicked off an NFL top 15 steals in just 12 starts. The Eagles had a fragile offensive line play due to injury and also had an inconsistent receiving body.

The Colts’ top priority after QB must be to replace Castonzo. There are some good values ​​out there for their first round turn, in addition to more viable free agent options than usual. They also love Zach Pascal and promising second-year player Michael Pittman Jr. at Wideout, and the hopeful healthy return of speedster Parris Campbell makes Hilton an endangered big-game threat. Along with many other great deals available at a free agency, the team also has sufficient resources to track a younger Hilton upgrade.

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Wentz also did not receive help from the Eagles to engage in the running game, to relieve it of pressure and create the necessary balance and play-action opportunities for the passing game. The Colts are one of the NFL’s most dedicated and effective racing teams, now with young hobbyhorse Jonathan Taylor established as a force. Even though Burton is not re-signed, Reich and the Colts can also back Wentz with more than two useful tight end sets with Jack Doyle and Mo Alie-Cox.

The Colts will try to acquire Wentz without giving up the No.21, but if not, they can get help for Wentz both from free agency and by having the No.54 and No.85 picks on Day 2. Wentz reestablishing the connection with Reich alone would be huge, as was the case with Rivers, who ended his career with a boost in efficiency. Rivers has only been sacked 19 times in 16 games and has dropped his interceptions from 20 to 11.

But then you can throw the strong line past Castonzo’s successor, versatile players, varied staff formations, and the basis of a strong rushed attack with Taylor. Wentz would get the training and supporting cast he needs to get back on track without needing to look over his shoulder. Reich can curb Wentz’s reckless abandonment to ensure he is put in comfortable places to again use his big arm and athleticism to his advantage.

How Carson Wentz would fit in with bears

The Bears don’t have the optimistic image of the salary cap the Colts have. They are expected to exceed the cap of $ 6 million, one of 13 NFL teams in the red for 2021. They currently hold just six draft picks, starting from 20th place overall.

First off, Chicago will need to designate cups to accommodate Wentz, and offensively the best bets are tight Jimmy Graham and offensive tackle Bobby Massie. Second, they also know that it will be difficult to prevent wide receiver Allen Robinson from going into free agency to team up with Wentz.

The Bears may survive well without a tight-toed Graham by raising talented sophomore Cole Kmet, who would be an immediate key target for Wentz. They have only one Pro Bowler Charles Leno Jr. on the left tackle, but they also need to improve their offensive line by giving more consideration to pass protection for Wentz.

Without Robinson, the Bears’ next best wide receivers would be second player Darnell Mooney, a revelation as a rookie, and Anthony Miller, a disappointment as a third-year player. There is also a chance that the Bears will part ways with Miller. The potential of Mooney and Riley Ridley – Calvin’s fourth-round brother – being starters doesn’t sound very good. If Robinson walks and Wentz arrives, the wide would be the priority of the first round on the right tackle.

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The Bears could deliver a good rushed offense fueled by their third-year workaholic David Montgomery. Tarik Cohen can also come back healthy to be a versatile receiving asset from backfield, much like Wentz did with Darren Sproles and others in Philadelphia. But having Kmet and Mooney as high-level targets is no improvement over the Eagles.

Once Chicago gives up something for Wentz, it will have more limited means of being able to do enough to immediately uplift Wentz in terms of personnel. DeFilippo and Nagy can combine to be a great coaching influence on him, but the player’s support is paltry compared to what the Colts can work to provide Wentz.

Reich can keep his attack on with his former coordinator, Nick Sirianni, gone to replace Pederson for the Eagles. Considering the combined struggles of Trubisky and Foles, it’s much harder to trust Nagy as a QB whisperer.

The Bears moving to get Wentz would be out of desperation and they could end up with the most shaky version of the Eagles. The Colts can do it more out of confidence with better feelings to fix Wentz thanks to Reich and general manager Chris Ballard.

The Colts (11-5) were the better team than the Bears (8-8) in 2020 and they’re the better organization, period. Wentz will not work in another situation with more Philadelphia type dysfunction. Based on the kind of NFL structures they have now and what they can do to boost it soon, Indianapolis is a much better Midwestern relocation plan for Wentz than Chicago.


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