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CEOs discuss collaboration with government in 2021

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Around 100 CEOs took part in the Fortune Virtual meeting of the CEO Initiative yesterday, focusing on the priorities for business collaboration with government in the coming year. Most of the discussion was informal. But the session started with a few briefings on key topics. Some extracts:

On the fight against the coronavirus:

“Right now, for most of these newer variants, the results are tremendous… We don’t think the performance of the vaccine will be affected. (Eventually) a variant that will escape vaccine protection is likely to occur. We are therefore investing a lot of time at the moment in the monitoring network which will identify very quickly when and if we have a problem, then very quickly create a booster that will allow us to cover this new variant as well.
—Albert Bourla, CEO, Pfizer

“We have built the capacity to deliver up to 25 million vaccines per month in our retail pharmacies… Hopefully as we get to this June through July period… we will have enough Vaccinated Americans we can start talking about herd immunity. “
—Larry Merlo, CEO, CVS

On the fight against climate change:

“I think we’ll look back and see ’21 -’22 as an inflection point that has allowed us to start promoting mass adoption of electric vehicles… Even today we announced that our plans were to carbon neutral by 2040and that we aspire to eliminate exhaust emissions from new light vehicles by 2035. ”
—Mary Barra, CEO, GM

“2021 looks like a historic year in many ways. On the issue of climate… we have definitely shifted the dialogue from the “why” and we are now fully focusing on the “how”. “
—Jesper Brodin, CEO, IKEA

“After all these years of trying to encourage corporate social and environmental responsibility, and having had a number of difficulties trying to raise awareness despite countless different initiatives, suddenly it seems like the dams are starting to burst and people are really interested in it now. , in particular, if I may say so, a lot more investors, a lot more shareholders. And of course, as many of you know all too well, you have a lot of young employees who take these issues very seriously. “
– His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales

On technological regulations:

“You may have heard, Twitter and Facebook, we banned a president. And there is a lot of concern that we shouldn’t have the power to do this. And we share this concern. We’ve long been calling for content regulation, legislation, guidelines, whatever, nationally or internationally. And I think this experience shows very clearly how necessary this legislation is. “
—Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook

More news below. And discover the old Walmart Leslie Dach’s frame Fortune comment asserting that the ban on contributions by PAC companies to “Republican members who tried to undermine our democracy” should continue “until the next time these members are re-elected …. in a land swirling with disinformation and moral equivalence , the business community can be a voice for facts and truth.

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