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Cheap Home Audio Hardware & Tips (2021): How to Get Great Sound

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Bass likes to hide in corners, so try mounting your speakers away from them – ideally in the middle of a wall. If you are wondering where to place them in relation to your usual listening position, keep this in mind: the ideal stereo image (tall, wide, live sound) comes when your head forms an equilateral triangle with the two up. -speakers. Also do your best to make sure that the tweeters (the smallest round drivers that emit the high notes on most speakers) are as close to ear level as possible, as the higher sounds are affected the most. by management.

Move your furniture to deflect the sound

Your own room is one of the most important aspects of sound from a speaker. Just like a terrible singer using a fantastic microphone, if you put an incredible pair of speakers in a horrible room, you will have terrible sound.

Most parts have similar issues: they are a bit too reflective and a bit too heavy on the bass. Flat walls and corners are, overall, the culprits. Sound is a wave, and if that wave ricochets directly off a wall, it can interfere and cancel out other waves that are coming in, creating strangely frequency dead zones in your room.

Try to put a chair or other dense furniture in the corners. Also consider placing a bookshelf or other irregular piece of furniture on the back wall that faces your speakers – where the sound is reflected in the speakers – so that the different sizes and shapes of books on the shelf bounce the sound waves. in different directions.

If you want to be pro

Photography: Acoustic fields

This trick isn’t entirely free, but it can be cheap. If you want to have some whimsy and create a dedicated listening room, look for suitable sound processing materials. Don’t buy those weird foam squares you see on Amazon. They won’t work very well. The broad spectrum sound waves are absorbed by dense porous material, so while the high frequencies are absorbed by the foam, the mid and low frequencies go crazy.

Instead of, hang rock wool insulation and fabric so that you can make your own panels. Make sure you place them in corners and at reflection points, and you will notice a dramatically improved sound. Seriously, if you’re going to do one thing to improve your sound, do it. Better equipment doesn’t matter in a bad room!

Some easy upgrades

I get asked about affordable ways to improve sound quality a lot. Here are my tips.

Upgrade that old stereo

Photography: Brady Bargenquast / Audioengine


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