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Collingwood will wrestle without him, says AFL tall, Western Bulldogs,

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Former Western Bulldogs star and two-time All-Australian Nathan Brown says the Collingwood Magpies will struggle to fill the voids left by Adam Treloar and Tom Phillips after the two were traded during the offseason.

Treloar, 28, was displaced by the Magpies on the last day of the trade window with the Western Bulldogs, while Phillips, 24, was traded to Hawthorn in exchange for a fourth round selection.

Phillips has averaged a check mark out of 22 eliminations per game throughout his career, while the void left by Treloar looms like a gaping hole as the midfielder has been one of Collingwood’s best ball players in recent years. seasons.

Despite being limited to just 10 games last season due to injury, the exit of Treloar, who has averaged nearly 27 disposals per game throughout his career, will be much more difficult to cover than the Magpies never did, according to Brown.

Brown said that despite Collingwood’s belief that they could move forward without the pair, he couldn’t see any player on the club’s roster who could support their production.

“I always hear from Collingwood that they can cover Adam Treloar and they can cover Tom Phillips, I’m not buying that,” Brown told Wide World of Sports.

“I think every time you take out an Adam Treloar and a Tom Phillips – Treloar is a gun and Tom Phillips he’s a really good fourth, fifth, sixth midfielder. He’s a hard worker.

“I’m not buying the fact that they can cover this up, that’s what Collingwood is saying publicly.

“I don’t think they really wanted to get rid of these players and now they’re trying to say ‘OK we can cover them’.

“Who are they going to cover them with? I don’t think they have an Adam Treloar, I don’t think they have a racing machine like Phillips.”

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When asked who could potentially step in, Brown said the blame now falls on young pistol Josh Daicos, who last season became one of the club’s elusive players.

Daicos, 22, even won the Goal of the Year after a superb failed goal against Sydney, which helped the Magpies to a victory in the 10th inning.

“I think Josh Daicos is next to jump in. I think he’s going to be a gun, I think he’s the one who can take over for a bit,” he added.

“He’s still a smaller player, he’s not the size of Treloar, he is not the size of Phillips.

“But for me, the one intervening is Daicos.”

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