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Crossrope Fitness System Review: A Killer (But Loud) Home Workout

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Remember when you was a child and the exercise was simply called “playing”? Well the company from North Carolina Crossrope wants to bring back that feeling of pleasure to sweat. With a set of weighted ropes that connect to a companion mobile app, the company’s system for home workouts can help. you return to physical form. (Oh my god, I’m so sorry.)

Outside of the playing field, the jump rope has long been a staple of endurance and footwork training for boxing, and eventually gained popularity with fitness centers as a quick way to improve fitness. cardiovascular endurance and coordination. With the emergence of CrossFit, the jump rope has become more relevant. The double-bottom, where the rope goes under the feet twice with each jump, is one of the fundamental movements of CrossFit.

Not only can jump rope be a great cardio workout, it also builds strength and endurance in the shoulders, forearms, and legs, especially if you are using a weighted jump rope. Crossrope takes advantage of this by combining its weighted ropes with plyometric and bodyweight movements to create a fun and effective training system.

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Similar to CrossFit, Crossrope divides its offerings into a tiered system, with each tier appealing to people with different abilities and fitness goals.

$ 99 from the company Get the Lean pack is geared towards weight loss and offers slim handles, a quarter pound rope and a half pound rope. The $ 139 Get a solid bundle is designed for strength and muscle gain and features thicker grips with interchangeable 1 pound and 2 pound rope. There is also the whole pork Get the Fit pack at $ 238, which includes the two handles and the four strings.

The ropes come in different lengths depending on your height. At 5ft 8in, the medium sized rope worked perfectly for me. The braided steel ropes are covered with a protective sleeve which not only prolongs the life of the rope, but also prevents it from getting tangled. The handles have a rubber coating and a shape that prevents slipping during sweaty workouts. The cables are attached to the handles by high quality bearings that provide smooth and fast rotation. The handles also feature an ingenious quick release system that makes it easy to switch between the differently weighted ropes during workouts. I would also suggest using a jumping mat to keep your floors and rope in good shape.

Once you are configured, check the Crossrope application for training. Crossrope Lite is the free version, with ten free workouts and challenges, plus beginner tutorials and a beginner level fitness challenge. Crossrope Premium costs $ 10 per month with access to every workout, fitness challenges, workout filtering options, and the new jump rope counting mode, which as you can probably guess, counts your jumps.

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Photography: Crossrope jump ropes


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