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Demon Boss Souls – Demon’s Souls wiki guide

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Demonic Boss Souls are special souls abandoned by the finale bosses of each area in Demon’s Souls. These souls can be exchanged for powerful weapons, magic and miracles.

Each Soul Boss can only be obtained once per game, which means you will have to beat the game multiple times to get all the possible rewards.

To open the possibility of using Demonic Boss Souls make something new weapons, you must first use the Flamelurkerof Soul of the Burning Demon by giving it to Blacksmith Ed to unlock Advanced Weapon Crafting. Many of these new crafting recipes will require additional weapons in addition to the boss soul to create something new – but they can also be given to spellcasting NPCs to learn new spells.

Below is a list of all Souls bosses in Demon’s Souls. Click on a soul to learn more about the different uses it can have.

List of Boss Souls

Boss Soul Obtained from Possible upgrades
Soul of the Gray Demon Demon of the Vanguard Bulldozer ax
Leading the demon’s soul Phalanx Spear scratching
Soul of the Iron Demon Knight of the Tower Protection spell
Soul of the Silver Demon Penetrator Light weapon spell,

Cursed weapon spell

The soul of the false king’s demon Old King Allant Northern Regalia
Tough demon soul Armor spider Lava arc,

Fire jet spell,

Ignite the spell

Soul of the Burning Demon Flamelurker Advanced weapon manufacturing
Dragon demon soul Dragon god Fireball spell,

Firestorm spell,

Wrath of God

Doll demon soul Idol of the madman Soul ray spell
Mixed Demon Soul Maneater Needle of Eternal Agony
Soul of the Golden Demon Old monk Madness Catalyst,

Soul arrow spell of return,

Soul thirst spell,

Banishment spell

Swollen demon soul Arbitrator Meat cleaver,

Regeneration spell

Soul of the Demon Hero Old hero Great Sword of Research,

Second chance spell

Soul of the Storm Demon Storm king Morion blade,

Anti-magic field spell

The soul of the writhing demon Leechmonger Poisonous cloud spell,

Healing spell

Eroded Demon Soul Dirty colossus Acid Cloud Spell
Pureblood Demon Soul Maiden Astraea Blueblood sword,

Cloud of death spell,

Emergency spell,

Resurrection spell

Young girl in the soul of Black’s demon Girl in black Soulsucker spell


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