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Deshaun Watson Trade Rumor Tracker: Dysfunction Timeline Details Texans Breaking Up With QB Franchise

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The Texans’ one-year odyssey of finding a true franchise passer culminated with Houston selecting Deshaun Watson out of Clemson in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, but it looks like the pairing will end soon, with the uproar surrounding the quarterback. and the franchise leading to a lot of smoke and commercial rumors.

With organizational chaos dooming the Texans over the past two seasons, the property relying excessively on the voice and opinions of Jack Easterby and reportedly ignoring Watson’s voice completely, it’s hard to fault Watson for wanting to come out. He’s one of the top five quarterbacks at the end of his best season, still young and with a contract that will prove to be a good deal in a few years.

The utter organizational instability – from top to bottom – has led Watson, it seems, to be incredibly pissed off and ready to leave the team that drafted it in 2017. Here is a timeline of reports and others rumors that detail the inter-workings of the Texan organization and Watson’s dissatisfaction with the situation.

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Deshaun Watson Business Rumors

January 18: “ Super foam ” to get Watson out, but leverage in his favor

Source: Josina Anderson, ESPN

Anderson reminds everyone of one key point: Watson has a no-trade clause, and it’s not quite in the Texans’ best interests to trade a superstar of Watson’s caliber. In any case, this is a weak argument, especially if the team will continue to do badly by its star player.

January 18: Watson has not yet requested a trade

Source: Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

Despite all the smoke surrounding Watson and the Texans at the moment, the superstar QB has yet to request a trade, according to Rapoport. That didn’t stop teams from calling to check on Watson’s availability, however,

January 17: Watson ‘played his last shot for Houston’

Source: Adam Schefter / Chris Mortensen, ESPN

While weeks of turmoil and confusion have left Watson’s future in doubt in Houston, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that some people around the Texans’ organization believe Watson won’t downplay the team. A source close to Chris Mortensen added that the only remedy for the situation between Watson and the Texans would be for owner Cal McNair to shoot… Cal McNair.

Schefter also added that “Watson’s feelings cannot and should not be underestimated”. Whatever that means.

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January 16: Watson ‘just wants to get out’ of Houston

Source: Greg Bishop, Jenny Vrentas, Sports Illustrated

While the Texans are making an effort to try and appease their disgruntled quarterback, Watson just wants to leave H-Town, per SI. A culmination of CEO training and research and general organizational dysfunction led Watson to take a firm stand on his status on the team: just get me out of here.

January 15: One tweet sets the NFL world on fire

Source: Deshaun Watson’s Twitter

Coming from a report from Schefter that Watson’s anger was “at 2, but now at 10,” the Texans’ QB sends out a single tweet that appears to confirm it. A tweet later would actually indicate that it was actually song lyrics. (Of course, Deshaun.)

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January 15: Watson pictured in Falcons outfit

Source: Instagram

A curious Watson’s wardrobe decision, with a photo on an Instagram story showing Watson in a Falcons jacket, by chance, outside a building in New York City. Watson is originally from Georgia and probably grew up as a Falcons fan.

It’s just a jacket, but let your imagination run wild.

January 12: Texans ask for interview with OC chefs Eric Bieniemy

Source: Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

The Chiefs OC is a hot commodity in the coaching scene, and has even been recommended to Watson by a certain Patrick Mahomes. While the Chiefs had not initially granted an interview with Bieniemy – missing the window in which coordinators can speak during the playoffs – new general manager Nick Caserio is interested in speaking with him. Due to tampering policies, Texans will not be allowed to speak to Bieniemy until the Chiefs are eliminated.

January 12: Andre Johnson speaks, offers advice to Watson

Source: Andre Johnson via Twitter

In the words of Deandre Hopkins, when “Dre speaks, we listen. The former Texans wide receiver took to Twitter to offer Watson some wise advice: hang on. He also roasted the Texans and their devotion to Jack Easterby, which many question

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January 10: Watson’s anger reaches its boiling point

Source: Adam Schefter, ESPN

Heads exploded when then head coach / general manager Bill O’Brien chose to trade star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals, with Watson himself taking the trade in stride. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Watson’s anger has gone from a “2 to a 10” as the organization chose not to hire Louis Riddick, ESPN analyst and former front office manager, in his post of general manager.

January 10: More details emerge on the rift; Dolphins could be a commercial destination

Source: Chris Mortensen, ESPN

If Watson were to be relocated, the Dolphins could be a viable destination for a trade, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN. Miami, which holds Houston’s first-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, is said to be open to trading quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and trading assets for Watson, by Mortensen.

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January 7: Texans appoint Nick Caserio as new general manager

Source: “Literally us Houston Texans.”

Much of the reported rift between Watson and the Texans surrounded Houston appointing a general manager without Watson’s input, a promise that was reportedly made to Watson during the season. Instead, owner Cal McNair Jr. and Jack Easterby.

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January 5: JJ Watt issues disturbing apology

Source: JJ Watt’s mouth

After the Texans fell in Week 17 to the Titans in Week 17, NFL cameras caught JJ Watt and Deshaun Watson in a blunt moment as the two left the field. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Watt said. “We wasted one of your years.” The Texans would finish 4-12.

October 5: Texans fire Bill O’Brien

Source: “Literally us Houston Texans.”

Well, around a year, many losses and one too-too-late trade, the Texans have decided to fire head coach / general manager Bill O’Brien after a slow start to the 2020 season. The team would appoint Romeo Crennel as interim head coach.

O’Brien’s tenure as HC is reportedly mired in controversies over personnel and several lopsided trades that leave the Texans with no first-round pick in 2021.

April 2019: Jack Easterby hired by Houston

Source: Texans

“I think the best way to tell the story is to start at the end, briefly, then go back to the beginning, then come back periodically at the end, perhaps giving perspectives of different characters throughout.” – “The Other Guys”, 2010

Arguably the genesis of the chaos in Houston was the hiring of the Patriots team chaplain – later “character coach” whatever – as executive vice president of football operations. .

Easterby’s meteoric rise to such a high position in an NFL franchise is met with skepticism from all walks of life and would come back to haunt the team later.


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