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Deshaun Watson trades rumors: Texans’ David Culley strapped to pretzel trying to explain QB’s position with the squad

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Someone give David Culley a hand, please.

Deshaun Watson and the Texans are reportedly still parting ways at some point this offseason. The organization was silent about Watson’s availability, but that changed slightly on Thursday.

Texans new head coach David Culley is basically this gif of Donald Glover where he walks into a room on fire with a stack of pizzas and sees everyone trying to put out the flames; Culley appeared on the “Huddle & Flow” podcast with Jim Trotter and Steve Wyche, and cast doubt on Watson’s future with the organization.

“He’s our starting quarterback right now,” Culley said. “He’s our starting quarterback. Things are going until then. We’ll see what happens.”

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The ‘right now’ part is particularly revealing, given that the team remained committed to Watson being a Texan at the start of the 2021 season. ‘Right now’ means, well, now, and like Culley l ‘mentioned, things may change by then.

But at a press conference later today, as Culley reiterated Houston’s commitment to Watson as a quarterback, he hinted that Watson’s commitment to the team is, essentially , as strong as he has ever been, and that he has no indication Watson wants out. from Houston.

You must feel for Culley: entering his first season as NFL head coach at 65 and having to explain the drama between Watson and the organization is a difficult task. And judging by his answers, it might not work.

Watson would be completely done with the organization. Someone might want to leave Culley too.


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