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Destiny 2: Season of Chosen Stasis Changes detailed with PvP focus

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Stasis is the latest ability to be added to the world of Destiny 2 with the Beyond Light extension, and a few more changes are in the works as Season of the Chosen continues to progress. Season 12 began the transformation of this “it’s not ice” class, and Season 13 will continue on these adjustments to make it more balanced for instances like in PvP.

In the last This week at Bungie, The team detailed how they heard the frustrations over how Stasis interacts with PvP events like Crucible, but the tricky part has been balancing such a powerful class in PvE and PvP equally. To continue on the path to improvement, Bungie has outlined a few changes in Stasis that will adjust overall behavior to particular abilities. With these changes, the team also says they’ll pay close attention to feedback based on what’s new to see what works and what needs tweaking.

According to Bungie:

Hunter Stasis Changes

  • Shatterdive
    • Removed damage resistance from Shatterdive.
    • Added a 4s cooldown between activations of Shatterdive.
  • Withering blade
    • Decreased Withering Blade damage against players from 90 to 65 damage. PvE damage remains unchanged.
    • Reduced the slow charges of Withering Blade applied to players from 60 stacks to 40. Slow PvE stacks are unchanged. Decreased the acquisition range of Withering Blade’s target after hitting a player from 12 to 8m. The range after hitting PvE enemies is unchanged.

Warlock Stasis Changes

  • Wrath of winter
    • Improved Winter’s Wrath projectile tracking, which now tracks strength decay from its max value over 10s, down from 2.2s.
    • Increased the proximity detonation radius size of the Warlock Super Projectile from 1.5m to 1.65m
    • Proximity detonation now starts at its highest level and decreases by up to 40% over time.
  • Penumbra explosion
    • Decreased the damage of the Twilight Blast against players from 80 damage to 30 damage. PvE damage remains unchanged.
  • Ice flash
    • Fixed a bug where Iceflare Bolts would continuously try to change targets.
    • Increased the acquisition range of Ice Shard targets by 33%.
    • Increased the rotation speed of Ice Shards so they can hit nearby targets more effectively.
  • Chaos Reach
    • Decreased the amount of Super Energy refunded when canceling Chaos Reach early.

Titan Stasis Changes

  • Glacial tremor
    • Removed AoE freeze against players in super distribution. Will still freeze PvE enemies when casting.
    • Reduced damage resistance in Super from 60% to 50%.
    • Increased the Energy cost of using Shiver Strike during Ice Quake from 3% to 7% Super Energy.
    • Using the combo of a Shiver Strike in a Heavy Slam attack will now cost all Super Energy for both Shiver Strike and Slam (previously only energy for Slam).
  • Thrill Strike
    • Downward speed increase applied to Shiver Striking players when slowed down to take them out of the air more strongly.

Other changes include more tweaking of the Duskfield Grenade, reducing the force with which it pulls players inward and reducing the range from 9.5m to 6m. Slow charges applied also changed with respect to the grenade’s detonation, reducing it to 10 from its previous 20. For PvE, there are no slow detonation stack changes.

Some UI changes can also be seen with Stasis when “Slow Motion” to show slow stacks, making the change from x / 10 to x / 100 to make it easier to read when adding amounts. battery less than 10.

Stasis Crystals get a burst damage reduction against players for PvP, although PvE remains unchanged here as well. For those who like Whisper of Chains, this has also seen a big change, reducing the resistance bonus from 25% to 5%, although the damage resistance when not in Super will remain the same.

The Whisper of Torment bug where players continually trigger WoT while standing inside an opposing player’s barricade has also been fixed in addition to a reduction in objective completion values ​​for all shard quests crucible.

The main focus of the latest round of updates is PvP, something the community has been asking for since the introduction of Stasis. While some of these nerves might seem big, only affecting PvP is huge in the best possible way.

To read the full patch notes of what’s to come, you can read what’s new. here. You can also read more about the return of Trials of Osiris with our previous cover, we tried not to be too bitter about it.


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