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Dick Van Dyke, WandaVision consultant, was oblivious to the MCU’s success

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WandaVision Director Matt Shakman and Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege had lunch with TV legend Dick Van Dyke – who is also a consultant on the Disney + series – and while he helped set the tone for WandaVision, he was also a little oblivious to the massive MCU success Shakman spoke with AND about WandaVision and his lunch at Disneyland’s Club 33 with Dick Van Dyke – who was the star of The Dick Van Dyke Show and many other classic movies – and ET asked Shakman how well versed Van Dyke was in the MCU.“We had to give him the explanation, and he didn’t seem to be too comfortable with the MCU,” Shakman said. “It was great. He said at one point during our lunch, ‘Oh, I heard you had great success. That’s wonderful. Congratulations. What did you just post? “And Kevin, who’s awesome, obviously Kevin is this mastermind of this amazing creative venture that’s been so successful, he said,” Well, yeah, well, we just came out. Avengers: Endgame. “And [Dick] was like, “Oh, Avengers: Endgame? Oh great. Fantastic. He said, ‘Yeah, it’s actually the greatest movie of all time. “” Oh good. Is … What! Greatest movie of all time ?! “He was like, ‘This is amazing! “It was so sweet to see Kevin realize and Dick realized what they were talking about. It was really fun.”

Shakman then went on to say how they met Van Dyke when they were already in pre-production on WandaVision and had yet to start filming. However, he still helped immensely in making WandaVision what it is today.

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“We had already been in pre-production for several months by then, but we hadn’t started filming yet,” Shakman said. “So a lot of things that I got from that lunch really influenced the way we approached our pilot episode, which is kind of a tribute to The Dick Van Dyke Show, as good as I love lucy and some of the other sitcoms from this era. But we did learn from Dick Van Dyke that their number one rule for how they approached everything was that if it couldn’t happen in real life, it couldn’t happen on the show. What is that idea that you need to anchor what you do in real life stories, but then that gives you permission to be insanely dumb and fall over the beanbag and fall. It was very helpful in the way we approached the tone, because getting the right tone is the hardest thing in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s. It changes. It adjusts. What is funny? How far does comedy go? I mean, Archie Bunker and Dick Van Dyke are very different, and yet they’re both hilarious. Their humor is timeless and yet very different. Archie Bunker would never fall on a beanbag, right? And so, it’s just a matter of figuring out how you put your finger on it and how as actors, Paul, Lizzie, and the rest of this amazing cast, could also put your finger on it and calibrate. “

As to whether Van Dyke can make an appearance in WandaVision, Shakman wasn’t ready to confirm one way or another, saying “Gotcha. I couldn’t tell. [Laughs] Impossible to say! “To learn more about WandaVision, visit our review of the first two episodes, our explainer on who the secret agency might be on the show and where WandaVision takes place in the MCU timeline.

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