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Draymond Green of the Warriors kicked out for yelling at him. . . a teammate?

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Warriors forward Draymond Green suffered a horrific technical foul Thursday night. To make matters worse, this was his second tech in the game, which meant he was kicked out.

Why was the call so bad? Because Green was yelling at a teammate, rookie James Wiseman, rather than an official or an opponent when he brought T’d up.

Green was incredulous when he heard the news during the Golden State game against the Knicks.

Oddly enough, neither of the other two officials chose to speak to a colleague John butler and make sure the second trimester technique was legit. They too must have heard what Green was yelling inside the empty Chase Center.

Green focused on the lack of review in a post-match interview with Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated. He said he was “a little confused” as to why the crew couldn’t or didn’t want to come together to discuss “a technique that was clearly the wrong decision”.

“Maybe it’s time to take a look at this rule,” Green said. “I would love to know why it is the rule, if in fact it is a rule.”

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Warriors coach Steve Kerr told reporters after the game that team manager Ben Taylor told him at halftime that Butler mistakenly thought Green was yelling at him and not Wiseman.

But Taylor did not admit any mistakes when interviewed by pool reporter Monte Poole after the game. He only said that Green was sent off for “profanity which was considered directed against the official” and added that the crew had no plans to cancel the technique on the field.

Wiseman, meanwhile, backed Green in his own post-game comments. “I don’t understand the situation and why the referee did this,” he said.

Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau was just happy to see Green gone.

“Draymond, we took a break when he got kicked out,” he said after the game, by The Associated Press. New York won the game 119-104.

The NBA may decide to cancel Green’s second technique once they have gathered all the information about it. Based on the Warriors’ reactions and Taylor’s supposed admission to Kerr, expect T to go quickly on Friday. Too little, too late, but at least some justice will be served after Green is done badly by officials.

This article has been updated throughout with post-game commentary.


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