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Drew Brees’ workout video fuels rumors he’s not retiring: ‘Something needs to come’

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Does Drew Brees plan to retire before the 2021 NFL season?

It seemed to be taken for granted that the veteran passer would leave him once the 2020 season is over. The were several reports at the time saying he would, and ESPN’s Adam Schefter went so far as to say, “Everyone expects Drew Brees to retire after this season.”

But we’re approaching a full month since the last game of the season, and almost two months since Brees’ last game. The long delay in announcing his potential retirement has fueled speculation as to whether he will really stop doing so.

And on Saturday, fitness trainer Todd Durkin posted a video on his Instagram page of Brees pushing a weighted sled. Durkin also posted captions on the video saying lines like “he’s never done that” and “something needs to come”.

AFTER: Is Drew Brees planning to retire?

While the video can certainly just be Brees working to stay in shape, it’s interesting to see all of Durkin’s comments besides the video. In addition, on February 3, Saints coach Sean Payton says PFT Live he expected a decision from Brees “in the next week, a week and a half”. Fast forward three weeks into the future, and we still have no word from Brees.

The Saints have already positioned themselves for a future without Brees. They signed a fairly lucrative deal with Taysom Hill, and brought Jameis Winston (who is expected to become a free agent) on board to see if he was a viable option going forward.

The team also restructured the Brees deal to lower its cap reached in 2021 from $ 36.15 million to $ 12.225 million, which appears to indicate a decision to retire.

But until Brees actually announces something, the rumor mill will continue.


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