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“Drew Gulak doesn’t have any characters at all,” says former writer Vince Russo after WWE RAW (Exclusive)

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Former WWE writer Vince Russo criticized the WWE RAW Super star Drew gulak, stating that the former Cruiserweight Champion has “no character at all”.

Russo is a former WWE Editor-in-Chief who has strong opinions on current product. Gulak has been in WWE for four years and graduated from the Cruiserweight Division to the Main List last year and is currently a member of WWE RAW.

Vince Russo was a guest of the Sportskeeda RAW Legion, hosted by Dr. Chris Featherstone. On the WWE RAW show, Chris Featherston spoke about Angel Garza’s character and felt he didn’t have a great “lifespan.” Vince Russo explained Garza’s character and what he’s been up to in WWE so far, then criticized Drew Gulak’s character.

“And speaking of character, seriously … I understand, Drew Gulak is a great worker, I understand, I understand. Please tell me one thing about Drew Gulak … one thing, give it. me only one character trait of Drew Gulak. One! One! Why don’t I turn the chain during this match? Give me a reason. I don’t give a cr * p who wins this match. None of two guys are “done,” Garza’s character gives a sexy girl a flower and Gulak has no character. And then when they (the viewers) lose them here and turn to Monday Night Football, and then they’re going to sit there and scratch their heads, ‘uhmmm, why did we lose people at 8:45? What happened? You put that match, that’s what happened! “There’s no reason to watch it. None. Zero,” Vince Russo said.

Drew Gulak and Angel Garza played in a singles match on WWE RAW this week, the latter wrestling for the first time in two months on the Red Mark. Garza defeated Gulak in the match.

Drew Gulak on WWE RAW This Year

Drew Gulak had a hectic 2020 as it looked like WWE was going to push him when he was paired with Daniel Bryan. His contract then expired before being signed by the company. He transferred to WWE RAW in the WWE 2020 Draft, but spoke briefly about the Red brand, most notably in the 24/7 title rivalry.

Drew gulak
Drew gulak

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Posted on Dec 22, 2020, 6:12 PM IST


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