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DRS debate reignites after arbitration error

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It’s the debate that keeps getting reignited by bad decisions and last night the BBL was back in the spotlight after Hurricanes wicket keeper Ben McDermott confirmed suspicions that Stars opener , Andre Fletcher, had been wrongly fired, with no DRS to save him.

McDermott’s admission came during the Stars innings commentary after Fletcher was trapped the very first time around, with barely a call.

Fletcher was furious as he walked away after the dismissal, shaking his head and becoming animated all the way back to the lodge.

Reruns seemed to confirm his frustration was justified, with Fox Cricket commentator Shane Warne immediately claiming his bat had hit the ground, not the ball.

“He can’t believe it. I think he hit the ground here,” Warne said.

“I don’t think he hit him.”

Commentators then turned to McDermott Behind the Stumps for his take on the controversial call.

“I didn’t think he nicked it, no, boys,” McDermott admitted.

“I thought he hit the ground but he kind of pulled away after the bounce so I thought he could have… but I thought he hit the ground.

Last month there was the reverse problem with the referee call, with Thunder batsman Usman Khawaja clearly nicked a delivery from Scorchers paceman AJ Tye in the sixth of a chase, only for referee Simon Lightbody to decide Khawaja’s bat had hit the ground.

“I thought the bat hit the ground, mate,” Referee Lightbody told Tye in amazement.

Tye responded with a gesture, “The bat hit the ground? It was so far off the ground!”

Khawaja’s bat took off from the ground by a certain margin, but it was not given. The absence of DRS ensured that the incorrect call could not be canceled.

Australian cricketer great Mark Waugh, commenting for Fox Cricket, was taken aback by the decision.

“It was nowhere near the ground. He just got a shock there, unfortunately for the Perth Scorchers,” Waugh said.

“It’s just a huge nickname. It’s a big nickname.”

Another howler saw last week Warne explodes on social media claiming bad refereeing decisions could ‘ruin players’ lives’.

“I’m sorry but who’s in charge of the referees in Australia? Every game we see horrible mistakes (and) it’s embarrassing for the completion of the BBL,” Shane Warne tweeted.

“The Big Bash is a wonderful tournament but it quickly becomes a joke and could ruin players’ careers. Please can we have the DRS immediately!”

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