Friday, June 2, 2023

EA Play is coming to Xbox Game Pass on PC tomorrow

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Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to play over 60 additional games on PC at no additional cost starting March 18. PC and Ultimate Game Pass members have access on Windows 10 starting at 5 p.m. ET Thursday.

The range includes the tastes of , FIFA 20 and Need for Speed ​​Heat, as well as games from the Battlefield, Madden NFL, Command & Conquer, and The Sims franchises. You’ll receive rewards for select games each month, and you’ll be able to view Timed Trials and play up to 10 hours of new and recent EA games. EA Play also offers discounts for the EA Desktop Store.

He this will arrive on EA Play in March. Subscribers will also have access to the space combat game in space starting tomorrow.

Playing EA Play games through a Game Pass membership is a bit of a hassle, at least at first. You can select a game from the Windows 10 Xbox app, but you will need to run it. You’ll also need to link your Xbox and EA accounts before you can download games.

EA Play’s arrival on Game Pass for PC has been a long time coming. Game Pass Ultimate subscribers had access to the service on Xbox consoles .

Partnering with EA is part of Microsoft’s goal to make Game Pass an unbeatable deal for gamers. Square Enix Outriders will be available to Game Pass Ultimate members on April 1, while Microsoft added a bunch of Bethesda games at the service after .


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