Saturday, December 9, 2023

EA Sports College football game apparently won’t launch until July 2023

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As EA revealed the exciting news that EA Sports College Football would return for the first time since 2013, recently uncovered documents reveal that the first game in the relaunched franchise may not arrive until July 2023. GameSpot, Matt Brown of Extra Points obtained records from the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), the EA has partnered with the relaunch of this college football game, this state that the game will not be released for some time.

“According to internal CLC documentation that I obtained through the Open Records request, the CLC told FBS institutions that EA Sports intended to release the new video game in” July 2023, “” Brown wrote on Twitter.

The documentation Brown obtained also includes many other details about the proposal to do new college football games, and you can subscribe to read them all.

Some of these details include EA visiting schools to collect referrals for items that cannot be sent (such as stadiums), access to logos, uniforms, costumed mascots, “non-costumed mascots / traditions”, group registrations. belonging to the school, trophies, etc. .

EA Sports College Football, upon its return, will include over 100 institutions in the next game, including their logos, stadiums, uniforms, game lore, and more.While the game will not include the names, images and likenesses of student-athletes, “EA Sports continues to monitor these developments closely.”

For more on the EA Sports College Football saga, check out our IGN Unfiltered episode featuring EA Sports EVP and GM Cam Weber at how the NCAA lawsuit tore the “heart and soul” out of the studio, but how it also had a silver lining.

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