Monday, September 25, 2023

EA Sports PGA Tour secures exclusive rights to Masters

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the recently announced EA Sports PGA Tour will serve as the exclusive home of the famous Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. The historic tournament, which is one of the four major golf championships, first appeared in a video game in EA Sports PGA Tiger Woods Tour 12 in 2011.

Following in the footsteps of the classic 2011 game of golf, which featured the Masters brand heavily on box art, EA Sports PGA Tour’s box art also focuses on the Masters brand, as well as Augusta National. Golf Club. You can see the new illustration for the box below.

This news means that EA Sports PGA Tour is the only game where players can compete in the four major championships, which include the Masters, PGA Championship, US Open Championship and Open Championship. EA Sports boasts that every major will present unparalleled authenticity and provide a unique atmosphere to venues. EA Sports PGA Tour will celebrate many of golf’s biggest events alongside real world events, starting with “Road to the Masters” at launch.

While the game’s other major tournaments will be in more detail at each actual event this summer, EA Sports has revealed some details on what will make The Masters special in EA Sports PGA Tour. Developer EA Tiburon used new aerial scanning technology to collect millions of data points to more faithfully recreate the course. The game will include Road to the Masters content that gives players a unique experience around competing in the Masters Tournament, as well as other Augusta National Golf Club-centric elements.

This news comes as the golf video game market is experiencing a resurgence. In addition to EA Sports releasing their first golf game since 2015, 2K Sports converted the famous Golf Club series to the PGA Tour 2K, which had a good performance with PGA 2K21 Tower Last year. In addition to this, Nintendo and Camelot Software announced a New Mario Golf game coming to Switch this summer.

EA Sports PGA Tour was announced last month with no actual details (including no release date or platform list), but we’ll likely know more about those details in the near future.


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