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Eight Christmas stockings on sale for $ 40 or less

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MSRP: $ 29 | Discount: 66% | Sale Price: $ 10

This three in one charging cable is the ultimate cable solution for all your devices. It comes with USB-C, MicroUSB, and Lightning connections so you can stick with a charging cable to meet all your power needs. In addition, the braided jacket of this cable ensures that the cable does not tear and its one meter length means you have a lot of flexibility to reach out to the sockets. Plus, thanks to its superior design, it offers high speed charging so that devices run 50% faster.

2. Geekey multi-tool


MSRP: $ 55 | Discount: 58% | Sale Price: $ 23

Geekey is an innovative and compact multi-tool like nothing else on the market. It includes many common tools including several wrenches, screwdriver bits, wire bender, can opener, file, wire stripper, and additional essential tools for simple repairs. This compact, lightweight and durable daily carry item doubles as a smoking pipe.

3. NOcean portable reusable silicone straw


MSRP: $ 20 | Discount: 20% | Sale Price: $ 16

nOcean is an elegant bracelet that can be used as a reusable straw. Made from medical grade silicone and surgical steel, it is both beautiful and made to last. This Christmas stocking, available in blue / silver, black / gold, and rose / gold color options, also comes with a cleaner and a cover to keep your reusable straw ready to use. Equally cool, 50% of nOcean’s net profits go to ocean clean-up efforts, so it’s a giveaway with a great cause behind.

4. The Kitchen Cube: all-in-1 measuring device


MSRP: $ 19 | Discount: 15% | Sale Price: $ 17

The Kitchen Cube is an all-in-one measuring device that saves drawer space, increases organization and reduces clutter in the kitchen with over 19 measurements in one device. These measurements, available in both imperial and metric systems, cover everything a chef or baker needs in the kitchen. It is also incredibly convenient to use in the kitchen as it is made from an FDA approved food grade plastic compound and is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

5. Apple Watch wireless charger keychain


MSRP: $ 49 | Discount: 59% | Sale price: $ 20

Everyone loves their Apple Watch, but the tangled mess created by their charger is a pain in the butt. This handheld device has 950mAh to dynamically power your Apple Watch so you can get the most out of your smartwatch on the go. All you have to do is place your Apple Watch – regardless of the model – on the keychain’s magnetic center ring, freely adjust it to the perfect position thanks to its strong magnetic absorption, and watch its four LED lights to track the status of the Apple Watch. charge.

6. BAKBLADE 2.0 Plus DIY Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver


MSRP: $ 39 | Discount: 60% | Sale Price: $ 16

Shave your back and show it off with confidence with this useful tool. This razor comes with unique blade cartridges designed to deliver the cleanest, closest, and safest shave on the market. Best of all, the unique design of BAKBLADE’s patented DRYglide blades ensures that you get the best shave possible, wet or dry. Expanding your grooming routine is a no-brainer with this razor which has a 4.3 / 5 star rating on Amazon.

seven. Aurora Borealis 3 Piece Set with Swarovski Crystals + Luxury Box


MSRP: $ 149 | Discount: 73% | Sale Price: $ 40

Any outfit can use a little more sparkle, and that’s where this gorgeous Aurora Borealis cube set comes in. This trio is complete with a pair of earrings, an 8 “bracelet and an 18” necklace. Each of these pieces is stunning, featuring a vibrant Aurora Borealis design with Swarovski crystals and 18k white gold plating. Best of all, this jewelry is very durable, will retain its color radiance for years, and is hypoallergenic or safe for the skin.

8. Bright Basics Hands-Free Flexible LED Neck Light


MSRP: $ 49 | Discount: 60% | Sale price: $ 20

Get light when and where you need it most with the Bright Basics Hands-Free Flexible LED Neck Light. This gadget can be worn around your neck for hands-free use, so you don’t have to worry about dropping anything. It also comes with three separate light modes, so you always get the right amount of light for every situation. It’s perfect for a long flight, exercising at night, and more. This lamp, designed to be foldable and flexible, is a breeze to store and transport.

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