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Emir of Kuwait renews prime minister’s mandate to form new cabinet | Middle East News

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Sheikh Sabah had resigned after parliament backed a request to question him on issues such as his choice of cabinet members.

The Emir of Kuwait issued a decree renewing Sheikh Sabah Al Khalid Al Sabah’s tenure as prime minister after the cabinet resigned last week in a deadlock with parliament over his vote to question him on constitutional affairs, including the choice of its ministers.

State news agency KUNA said on Sunday that Emir Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah’s decree also instructed Sheikh Sabah to appoint a new cabinet for approval.

The government of barely a month had played a guardian role since he quit January 13 on the confrontation with parliament.

The motion earlier this month to question Sheikh Sabah, Prime Minister since late 2019, was supported by 38 MPs in the 50-seat assembly.

He was referring to a cabinet that did not reflect last year’s parliamentary elections and the government’s “interference” in the election of the president and members of parliamentary committees, according to Reuters news agency.

The situation, the emir’s first major political challenge since taking power in September, has complicated efforts to tackle a serious liquidity crisis in the wealthy OPEC member state caused by low oil prices and the pandemic. coronavirus.

The frequent quarrels and deadlocks in the country between the cabinet and the elected assembly have led to successive shifts of government and dissolutions of parliament over the years.

Kuwait has the most dynamic political system among the Arab Gulf States, with a fully elected parliament capable of passing and blocking laws and questioning ministers.

However, under the Constitution, the emir has extensive powers and can dissolve the legislature on the recommendation of the government.

A previous cabinet resigned in November 2019 amid accusations of corruption and infighting, while the last cabinet was replaced in the December 2020 election, which saw either the opposition or allied candidates winning nearly half of the 50 seats in parliament.

The polls were the first since the new emir took office in September following the death of his half-brother, Sheikh Sabah, at the age of 91.


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