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ExoMecha coming to Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One in August 2021

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The clock is turning. I am so excited to announce that ExoMecha, A Free Online Competitive First-Person Shooter, Has Introduced Its New Trailer (Above) And Our Game Will Be Available In August 2021 On Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One! Learn more about ExoMecha from our previous Post to Xbox Wire, or sign up for the beta at Now get ready to learn more about ExoMecha, the next generation of battle royale game:

Fully customized classroom systems
In ExoMecha, with our abilities and our class system, our players will have complete freedom to create their characters as they wish to adapt to their playstyle. ExoMechaThe class system will determine how many Abilities, Weapons, Gadgets, and Tactics you can equip. For example, if you just want to focus on two active abilities, you can have them, but you have to drop one of your weapons and all of your passive abilities. Each choice will have different penalties to balance your character build.

Improvise, adapt and overcome!
Even in the midst of a battle royale game, players will be able to customize their characters to suit the flow of the game. Passive and active abilities are the core elements of this custom class system. Players can choose their abilities according to the position they wish to occupy in terms of playstyle, passive or aggressive, and easily transfer their playstyle into the game.

In ExoMecha, players will need to create their mech loading pre-match. Besides fighting with swords and guns in battle, mechs also have offensive, defensive, and tactical abilities. In addition, players will also be able to award skill points to improve their damage, agility, health or stamina. But be careful, because in order to improve one aspect you have to sacrifice other aspects.

Why is everything chrome and shiny?
We wanted ’80s and’ 90s vibes. To be honest, after adding just one chrome mech to our game, we wanted everything else to be chrome as well. As a bonus, we won’t have any player visibility issues.

Our vehicles and their flexible use
In addition to the mechs, you will be able to use five other vehicles to navigate through Omecha; quad, jeep, heavy tank, spider tank and helicopter.

With the grappling hook, you can quickly get into all of these vehicles, eject from one vehicle, and immediately enter another vehicle whether the player is in the air or on the ground. This way the dynamic gameplay is always at the highest pace and the battle continues without any interruption.

The quad is the smallest vehicle in the game, with this vehicle you can quickly navigate the map. But since it’s a fully open light vehicle, it’s easy for other players to deal damage.

Jeeps come with a turret mounted in the back, so they are effective against infantry. However, it is still a light vehicle and very vulnerable to explosives. So, be prepared to eject yourself whenever you sense any danger. The heavy tank is the most damaged vehicle ExoMecha. It is very effective against enemy armored vehicles because its gun is quite devastating. When using this vehicle, you really want to hit your shots as accurately as possible, as its low rate of fire can give the enemy opportunities.

With the spider tank, which is very suitable for traveling on rough surfaces, you can reach places where the tank cannot go easily. Because you can also shoot very quickly. it is a very effective anti-infantry vehicle.

As for helicopters, they are very fast but also very fragile. They are very effective against enemy tanks. So it is better to classify them as high risk and high reward vehicle. But in case of danger, you can still eject yourself and drive your missile to safety or towards an enemy.

Stay tuned here on Xbox Wire for more info on ExoMecha.


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